ATSD Portal is a set of widgets that allows you to gather required data on one page and visualize critical metrics for more convenient monitoring and analysis.

Read this page to learn about ATSD portals and see Creating and Assigning Portals to learn how to work with portals.

Key Features

  • ATSD has a wide range of built-in portals that come standard out-of-the-box. You don’t need to spend time on their configuration and modeling.
  • You can create your personalized portals that will include only your required widgets and metrics.
  • In addition to managing information on your portal, you can manipulate the way your portal looks. You can choose one of the themes that comes standard with ATSD, or you can upload your own themes.

Standard out-of-the-box, ATSD contains over 20 built-in portals for:

  • ATSD host system
  • nmon
  • Amazon Web Services
  • cAdvisor
  • docker
  • SolarWinds
  • tcollector
  • VMware, etc.

ATSD has two types of portals:

  • Default Portals
  • Template Portals

Default Portals are automatically assigned to specific entities and entity groups. To learn more, see Entities.

Right after creation, the portal will appear on the Portals tab of the top menu, and it will display entities, metrics, and tags assigned by default.

Template Portals can be assigned to an unlimited number of entities and entity groups.

You can use placeholders while writing portal content. When you assign the new portal to an entity, its name will automatically replace the placeholder.

ATSD Built-in Portal Gallery