Research Articles: Solving real-world data problems using public data sources and analytics tools from Axibase. Use cases demonstrate functionality and instruct  the reader on how to recreate the experiments in their own ATSD instance.

Axibase Research Reports

Chart of the Day: Sometimes data tell their own story and ChartLab visualizations can grab reader attention to make a statement. The Chart of the Day is reproduced in a variety of publications and helps Axibase say, “hello world.”

Axibase Chart of the Day

Data Library: Visualizations and SQL queries that are indexed by topic to form the Axibase Data Library, an invaluable tool for researchers looking for specific data. Data shorts display comprehensive information from a wide-range of data sets.

Axibase Data Library

If you’d like to see a particular dataset analyzed with the Axibase Time Series Database visit the Open Data Catalog and make a request by creating an issue.