Tracking the popularity of programming languages on Stack Exchange

Axibase has been tracking the popularity of programming languages on Stackoverflow. The Stack Exchange API V2.2 allows tracking of the number of questions asked and answered for a particular topic using tags. The method used to track programming language questions is: /tags/{tags}/info This method returns the total number of questions asked about a programming language […]

Environmental Monitoring Using Big Data

The Axibase Time Series Database  enables users to instrument their information assets, systems, and sensors, and it provides visibility, control, and operational intelligence. The primary use cases for ATSD are system performance monitoring, sensor data storage and analytics, as well as IoT (Internet-of-Things) data storage and analytics. ATSD excels when it comes to working with […]

AWS EC2 T2 instances: 700 seconds of fame

There is no shortage of innovation going on in cloud pricing models, ranging from Google’s preemptible virtual machines to pay-by-the-tick code execution services such as AWS Lambda. The overall trend is that pricing gets ever more granular and complex and this applies both to emerging pay-as-go services as well as to mainstream virtual machines. As […]

Combining periodic and sliding windows

The range of techniques to analyze trends and minimize noise in time-series is quite extensive. Fixed Period Aggregation One of the most common approaches is to regularize time-series by applying a grouping function to observations made within each fixed-duration period. This transformation is called aggregation and we can apply it to raw series to calculate, […]