A Livable and Sustainable City

Name Agency Published
Active Conservation in the City of Los Angeles data.lacity.org 2015-12-07
Amount Of CO2 Generated by LADWP data.lacity.org 2015-04-14
BSL - Cumulative Number Of Streetlights Converted To LED data.lacity.org 2016-10-17
Bureau Of Contract Administration (BCA) - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2015-01-07
Bureau Of Street Lighting (BSL) - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
Bureau Of Street Services (BSS) - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2015-06-10
Bureau of Engineering Permit Information data.lacity.org 2016-01-27
CD8 Around Imperial Highway - Potential Sites for Homeless Service Deployment data.lacity.org 2016-10-24
Cases Completed 2013 data.lacity.org 2014-05-22
Cases Completed 2014 data.lacity.org 2016-06-07
Cases Completed 2015 data.lacity.org 2016-06-07
Cases Filed 2013 data.lacity.org 2014-05-22
Cases Filed 2014 data.lacity.org 2016-06-07
Cases Filed 2015 data.lacity.org 2016-06-07
Citywide LED Streetlight Savings data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
Community-Wide Greenhouse Gas Emissions data.lacity.org 2017-01-17
Cultural & Special Events at El Pueblo Historical Monument data.lacity.org 2017-03-20
Cultural Affairs - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2014-08-26
Cultural Centers, Theaters, Historic Sites, and Galleries: Location and Contact Information data.lacity.org 2016-09-30
Customer Survey Responses data.lacity.org 2017-03-20
DCA Grant Awards by Grant Type data.lacity.org 2014-10-02
DOT - Total Miles Of Bicycle Lanes And Paths Chart data.lacity.org 2014-05-30
DWP - Percentage Of Water Purchased From MWD Each Fiscal Year data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
DWP Call Wait Time (minutes)%09 data.lacity.org 2015-11-02
Department Of Water And Power (DWP) - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2015-08-12
Department of Recreation and Parks’ Facility and Park Information data.lacity.org 2014-05-22
Eastern Sierra Overall Snow Pack data.lacity.org 2017-03-15
El Pueblo Tours data.lacity.org 2017-03-20
Energy and Water Use - Municipal Buildings data.lacity.org 2016-12-16
Events from LA Festival Guide 2014 data.lacity.org 2016-09-09
Feed-in Tariff Solar Program data.lacity.org 2014-05-19
HCIDLA Affordable Housing Projects Catalog And Listing (2003 To Present) data.lacity.org 2014-05-29
Housing & Community Investment Service Locations data.lacity.org 2015-12-07
L.A. Zoo Attendance data.lacity.org 2014-05-30
LADOT Traffic Counts Summary data.lacity.org 2017-01-06
LADWP Energy Efficiency for FY 13-14 data.lacity.org 2014-05-19
LADWP Once Through Cooling (OTC) data.lacity.org 2014-05-23
LADWP Power Outages data.lacity.org 2016-11-02
LADWP Power Supply Since 2003 data.lacity.org 2017-02-24
LADWP Service Center Addresses data.lacity.org 2014-05-30
LADWP Solar Incentive Program data.lacity.org 2017-02-21
LADWP Solar Interconnection Time data.lacity.org 2014-05-23
LADWP Stormwater Capture by Fiscal Year data.lacity.org 2017-03-21
LADWP Water Mainline Replacement data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
LASAN: Miles of Sewer Cleaned data.lacity.org 2014-08-12
LASAN: Number of Catch Basins Cleaned data.lacity.org 2014-11-07
LASAN: S.A.F.E. (Solvents, Automotive, Flammables, E-Waste) Centers data.lacity.org 2014-05-27
LASAN: Solid Resources Abandoned Waste Collection Activity data.lacity.org 2015-12-29
LASAN: Solid Resources Tonnages - Bulky Item, E-Waste, and White Goods data.lacity.org 2017-03-20
Library Branches data.lacity.org 2014-05-28
Location of FY 2014 Bus Pads Installed data.lacity.org 2014-05-28
Location of FY 2014 Curb Ramps Installed data.lacity.org 2014-05-28
Mayor’s ED No.5 GPCD Target Progress data.lacity.org 2017-03-21
Monthly Electric Residential Use from 2005 2013 By Zip data.lacity.org 2014-05-29
Municipal Building Electricity Usage data.lacity.org 2015-11-02
Municipal Building Gas Usage data.lacity.org 2015-11-02
Municipal Building Water Usage data.lacity.org 2015-11-02
Museum Visitors data.lacity.org 2017-03-20
Port of Los Angeles - ADP Project data.lacity.org 2015-12-07
Port of Los Angeles - Emission from Port Operations (2005 - 2012) data.lacity.org 2014-05-29
Port of Los Angeles - Port Air Quality (2006 - 2013) data.lacity.org 2014-05-19
Possible Assets for Polling Efforts data.lacity.org 2016-09-07
Possible City-Owned Sites in CD8 for Homeless Efforts data.lacity.org 2016-11-14
Possible Expansion Sites for LRF data.lacity.org 2017-02-10
Posted Street Sweeping Routes data.lacity.org 2014-05-28
Public Housing Sites Managed HACLA 2014 data.lacity.org 2015-01-12
Recreation and Parks - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2015-04-22
Recycled Water Delivered in the City of Los Angeles data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
Rental Contracts Completed at El Pueblo Historical Monument data.lacity.org 2017-03-20
Residential Water Usage Zip Code on Top data.lacity.org 2014-05-29
Residential Water Usage by Month: 2005 to 2013 data.lacity.org 2014-05-29
Street Tree Inventory - 1990s data.lacity.org 2016-03-24
Total and Affordable Housing Units data.lacity.org 2017-03-16
Water And Electric Res 2005-2013 By Zip data.lacity.org 2015-12-04
Water Main Breaks in the City of Los Angeles Each Month data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
Water and Electric Usage from 2005 - 2013 data.lacity.org 2014-05-30
What’s Happening LA Calendar Dataset data.lacity.org 2016-11-08
What’s Happening LA Calender - Age Groupings Categories - Reference data.lacity.org 2015-02-25
What’s Happening LA Calender - Subject Matter Categories - Reference data.lacity.org 2015-03-05
What’s Happening LA Calender - Type of Event Categories - Reference data.lacity.org 2015-12-07
William Mead Homes data.lacity.org 2014-12-08
William Mead Homes-Age/Sex Profile data.lacity.org 2015-12-07
Work Orders Completed: El Pueblo Historical Monument data.lacity.org 2017-03-20