Name Agency Published
2009-2013: ECAD Residential Energy Audit Data data.austintexas.gov 2014-05-28
2013: ECAD Commercial Portfolio Manager Reported Data data.austintexas.gov 2014-04-01
2013: ECAD Multi-Family Energy Audit and EUI Data data.austintexas.gov 2014-03-14
2014: ECAD Commercial Reported Data data.austintexas.gov 2015-10-08
2015: ECAD Multi-Family Audit and EUI Data data.austintexas.gov 2016-02-26
Austin Energy GreenChoice? Sales data.austintexas.gov 2017-04-07
Austin Energy Operating Budget data.austintexas.gov 2016-09-06
Austin Energy Rates - Cents per kilowatt hour by customer class data.austintexas.gov 2016-12-27
Austin Energy Regional Science Festival Expenditures data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-14
Austin Energy Web App Users By Month data.austintexas.gov 2016-08-08
Austin Water - Active Permitted Industrial Users data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-14
Austin Water - Commercial Water Consumption data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water - Dillo Dirt Vendors data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-14
Austin Water - Gallons of Wastewater Treated data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water - Gallons of Water Pumped per Capita data.austintexas.gov 2017-01-11
Austin Water - Gallons of Water Treated data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water - Gallons of Water and Wastewater Treated data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-13
Austin Water - List of Active Liquid Waste Haulers data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-12
Austin Water - Registered Water Services Technicians data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-14
Austin Water - Residential Water Consumption data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-18
Austin Water - Wastewater Service Connection Count By Zip Code data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water - Water Service Connection Count By Zip Code data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water Statistics data.austintexas.gov 2016-05-05
Bad Debt Expense data.austintexas.gov 2016-09-12
Bond Ratings data.austintexas.gov 2016-12-15
Budget Billing data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-07
Capital Improvement Projects ( CIP) Expenditures data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-08
Carbon Intensity data.austintexas.gov 2016-05-12
Community Sponsorships data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-15
Customer Satisfaction data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-13
Debt Service Coverage Ratio data.austintexas.gov 2017-04-18
Disconnects For Non-pay data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-14
Electric System Equipment data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-01
Electric Utility Discount Program By Year data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-07
Energy Efficiency Annual Energy Savings data.austintexas.gov 2016-06-24
Energy Efficiency Annual Energy Savings ( MWH) data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-29
Energy Efficiency Avoided Emissions 2012 data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-07
Energy Efficiency Peak Demand Reduction data.austintexas.gov 2016-12-05
Energy Efficiency Program Expenditures data.austintexas.gov 2016-12-05
Energy Efficiency Program Participation data.austintexas.gov 2016-12-15
Equivalent Availability Factor data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-18
Fuel ? Costs by Type and Percentage data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-14
Generation by Fuel Type data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-13
Green Building Aggregate Data data.austintexas.gov 2017-01-30
Green Building Education data.austintexas.gov 2017-01-31
Green Building Energy Code Compliance data.austintexas.gov 2017-01-30
Hearings data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-17
Heat Rate data.austintexas.gov 2016-07-07
Medically Vulnerable Program data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-28
Number of Austin Energy Customers 2015 data.austintexas.gov 2016-12-12
On- Site Energy Resources data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-15
Payment Arrangements data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-24
Plus 1 Fund data.austintexas.gov 2015-12-18
Plus 1 Funding Source data.austintexas.gov 2016-07-06
Power Partner Thermostat Program data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-14
Power Plants data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-27
Power Pole Accidents data.austintexas.gov 2016-05-16
Power Supply Adjustment/Fuel Charge data.austintexas.gov 2016-05-16
Purchase Power Agreements data.austintexas.gov 2017-04-19
Sales ? kWh by Customer Class data.austintexas.gov 2016-06-03
Science Festival Company Sponsors data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-14
Solar On City Facilities data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-14
Solar Program Current Incentive Levels and Available Capacity data.austintexas.gov 2017-03-20
Solar Rebate Program data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-14
System Fuel Cost Average data.austintexas.gov 2016-09-30
System Reliability data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-03