Name Category Published
311 Citizen Requests for Service Government 2016-11-05
BREC Parks Culture and Recreation 2015-07-12
Baton Rouge Crime Incidents Public Safety 2015-09-17
Baton Rouge Traffic Incidents Transportation and Infrastructure 2017-02-04
Bid Openings and Results Government 2015-07-07
Businesses Registered with EBR Parish Business and Financial 2017-01-20
Census Demographics Housing and Development 2015-08-05
City Court Warrants Public Safety 2015-07-14
City-Parish Employee Annual Salaries Government 2017-01-05
City-Parish Employees Government 2015-07-14
EBR Building Permits Housing and Development 2015-07-14
EBRP Tax Roll Housing and Development 2017-01-23
Property Information Housing and Development 2016-08-26
Public Facilities Government 2015-07-11
Purchase Orders Government 2015-07-27
Sales Tax Collections Business and Financial 2017-03-29
School Location Government 2016-09-02
Street Address Listing Housing and Development 2016-06-10
Street Lighting Transportation and Infrastructure 2016-03-03
Street Names Transportation and Infrastructure 2017-01-03
Subdivisions Housing and Development 2015-07-12
Traffic Signals Transportation and Infrastructure 2016-03-31
Website Analytics Government 2016-06-11