Name Agency Published
60 Month Converted to Safety Net (SN) recipients 2016-11-04
Adult Medicaid income levels 2016-03-02
Adult family health plus levels 2013-06-21
Cash Assistance Engagement Report 2016-11-04
Cash Assistance Heads of Household 2016-03-02
Cash Assistance Recipients Since 1955 2016-11-04
Cash Assistance Recipients in NYC 2016-05-23
Child health plus income levels 2016-03-02
Community Health Centers 2013-06-21
Credited Job Placement Report 2016-05-18
Directory Of Job Centers 2013-06-21
Directory of Food Stamp Centers 2013-03-19
Emergency Food Assistance Program (Quarterly Report) 2013-05-17
Family Assistance (FA) Recipients 2016-11-04
Family planning benefit program income levels 2016-03-02
Home Care Caseload 2016-11-04
King County Health Reform Indicators 2014-12-17
Medicaid Offices 2013-06-21
Medicaid buy in program income levels 2016-03-02
Medicaid coverage for children and pregnant women (Income levels) 2016-03-02
Medicaid income levels (ages 65 and up) 2016-03-02
Medical Assistance Program Medicaid Offices 2016-03-02
NYC School meals income levels 2013-03-19
ODRA MA Trend 2013-05-21
Prenatal care services (monthly income levels) 2016-03-02
Safety Net Assistance (SNA) recipients 2016-11-04
Tax credits 2013-03-19
WIC Income eligibility 2013-03-19