Name Agency Published
Cultural Institutions by block and lot data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
Legal Subdivisions data.seattle.gov 2011-12-28
Lower Manhattan Retailers data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
NYC Municipal Building Energy Benchmarking Results data.cityofnewyork.us 2015-04-09
Parking Garage and Lot Inventory data.montgomerycountymd.gov 2015-08-05
Parking Rates data.montgomerycountymd.gov 2015-07-06
Property Information data.brla.gov 2016-08-26
SDOT Public Garage or Parking Lot data.seattle.gov 2012-04-27
Street Address Listing data.brla.gov 2016-06-10
Subdivisions data.brla.gov 2015-07-12
Vacant Lots Cleaned data.cityofnewyork.us 2012-02-16
Vacant Lots Cleaned data.cityofnewyork.us 2012-02-16