Name Agency Published
2013 NBPD Bike Counts 2014-09-29
2014 Short Duration Automated Bike Counts 2016-04-25
2015 Short Duration Automated Bike Counts 2016-04-25
26th Ave SW Greenway at SW Oregon St 2017-04-03
39th Ave NE Greenway at NE 62nd St 2017-04-03
Bicycle Parking (Public) 2016-06-04
Bike Lanes 2014-04-03
Bike Rack Locations By Area 2012-11-22
Bike Share Stations 2016-05-21
Broadway Cycle Track North Of E Union St 2017-04-03
Burke Gilman Trail north of NE 70th St Bike and Ped Counter 2017-04-03
Chief Sealth Trail North of Thistle 2015-12-02
Elliott Bay Trail in Myrtle Edwards Park 2017-04-03
Fremont Bridge Hourly Bicycle Counts by Month October 2012 to present 2017-04-03
MTS Trail west of I-90 Bridge 2017-04-03
NW 58th St Greenway at 22nd Ave NW Bike Counter 2017-04-03
Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity - American Community Survey 2017-05-01
SDOT Bike Racks 2015-03-19
SDOT Bike Share Locations 2016-04-21
SDOT Collisions 2015-03-21
SDOT Street Details 2015-03-19
SDOT Street Signs 2016-06-15
SDOT Street Signs [OLD] 2015-03-19