Name Agency Published
Certificate of Fitness Schedule of Fees data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-31
EMS Incident Dispatch Data data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-10-20
FDNY Certificate Of Fitness Rules Codes data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-31
FDNY Community Board Incident Count data.cityofnewyork.us 2011-08-30
FDNY Fire Department Fee data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-23
FDNY Fire Department Fire Code Data data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-29
FDNY Fire Rule data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-23
FDNY Firehouse Listing data.cityofnewyork.us 2011-07-30
FDNY Important Phone Numbers data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-02-04
FDNY Line Of Duty Deaths data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-02-04
FDNY Repealed Rules And Corresponding New Fire Code And Rules data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-31
FDNY Vital Statistics data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-02-04
Fire Alarms Periodic Inspection Testing Requirements data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-31
Fire Incident Dispatch Data data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-10-21
Incidents Responded to by Fire Companies data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-08-01
NYC Fire Department Building Vacate List data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-02-04
Study Material for Certificate of Fitness data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-01-31