Name Agency Published
Airport Annual Performance Measures data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-11
Annual Salary 2010 thru 2013 data.wa.gov 2015-01-22
BPD Employee File As Of 06/09/2016 data.baltimorecity.gov 2016-06-09
Baltimore City Employee Salaries FY2015 data.baltimorecity.gov 2015-07-30
Baltimore City Employee Salaries FY2016 data.baltimorecity.gov 2016-07-01
CT OSC - State Employee Payroll (2015) data.ct.gov 2015-12-21
Campaign Consultants and Employees data.sfgov.org 2014-03-28
City-Parish Employee Annual Salaries data.brla.gov 2017-01-05
City-Parish Employees data.brla.gov 2015-07-14
Employee Compensation data.sfgov.org 2014-10-06
Healthy incentives grid data.kingcounty.gov 2013-04-18
Missouri State Government Job Openings data.mo.gov 2017-04-20
Positions data.lacity.org 2017-04-20
Salary Information for Industrial Development Agencies data.ny.gov 2016-10-12
Salary Information for Local Authorities data.ny.gov 2017-09-20
Salary Information for Local Development Corporations data.ny.gov 2016-10-12
Salary Information for State Authorities data.ny.gov 2016-10-12
State University of New York (SUNY) Employees By Employment Status: Beginning Fall 2011 data.ny.gov 2015-09-10
Tuition Assistance data.montgomerycountymd.gov 2015-08-15