Name Agency Published
911 Calls for Service data.baltimorecity.gov 2016-03-14
Emergency Operation Centers 2007-07-26 data.oregon.gov 2011-04-17
FDNY Community Board Incident Count data.cityofnewyork.us 2011-08-30
FDNY Firehouse Listing data.cityofnewyork.us 2011-07-30
FDNY Monthly Response Times data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-26
FDNY Monthly Response Times data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-26
Hose Nozzle And Sprayer Survey data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
Hospitals data.baltimorecity.gov 2014-04-03
Incident based distribution of ReadyNY guides data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-08-01
Incidents Responded to by Fire Companies data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-08-01
MCFRS Incidents by Station data.montgomerycountymd.gov 2015-12-23
Missouri Fire Departments data.mo.gov 2016-03-22
OEM Emergency Notifications data.cityofnewyork.us 2017-04-20
Oregon Hospitals 2008-09-20 data.oregon.gov 2011-04-17
Partners in Preparedness data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-08-01