Name Agency Published
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Austin Water - Commercial Water Consumption data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water - Dillo Dirt Vendors data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-14
Austin Water - Gallons of Water Pumped per Capita data.austintexas.gov 2017-01-11
Austin Water - Gallons of Water Treated data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water - Gallons of Water and Wastewater Treated data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-13
Austin Water - List of Active Liquid Waste Haulers data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-12
Austin Water - Registered Water Services Technicians data.austintexas.gov 2015-08-14
Austin Water - Residential Water Consumption data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-18
Austin Water - Water Service Connection Count By Zip Code data.austintexas.gov 2016-11-21
Austin Water Approved Plant List data.austintexas.gov 2016-06-13
Austin Water Authorized Irrigation Inspector List data.austintexas.gov 2017-09-21
Austin Water Statistics data.austintexas.gov 2016-05-05
Basin Town County 2010 data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
Beach Lab Data data.cityofchicago.org 2017-02-16
Beach Swim Advisories data.cityofchicago.org 2016-06-10
Beach Water Quality - Automated Sensors data.cityofchicago.org 2015-06-04
Beach Water and Weather Sensor Locations data.cityofchicago.org 2015-06-04
Beach Weather Stations - Automated Sensors - 2016 - Humidity data.cityofchicago.org 2015-06-01
Comparison of Residential Power and Water Rates data.lacity.org 2015-12-07
Current Descriptive Data of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants data.ny.gov 2016-12-28
DOHMH Beach Water Quality Data data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-06-21
DWP - Percentage Of Water Purchased From MWD Each Fiscal Year data.lacity.org 2017-03-13
Department Of Water And Power (DWP) - Performance Metrics data.lacity.org 2015-08-12
Drinking Fountains data.cityofnewyork.us 2016-08-23
Energy and Water Data Disclosure for Local Law 84 (2011) data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-12-12
Energy and Water Data Disclosure for Local Law 84 (2013) data.cityofnewyork.us 2015-09-01
Energy and Water Use - Municipal Buildings data.lacity.org 2016-12-16
Harbor Water Quality data.cityofnewyork.us 2017-04-13
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Hearings data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-17
Hydrostats data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
Mayor’s ED No.5 GPCD Target Progress data.lacity.org 2017-03-21
Municipal Stormwater Permit Outfall Data data.wa.gov 2015-05-01
Previous Standard Product Lists data.austintexas.gov 2016-10-06
Reported Sewer Overflows data.maryland.gov 2017-03-08
Reservoir Characteristics data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
Residential Water Use data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-21
SSMMA Water System Capacity data.illinois.gov 2012-11-27
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Stream Impact Sampling and Ammonia Screening data.baltimorecity.gov 2016-05-25
Surface Water Quality Assessments data.maryland.gov 2016-03-25
Table 10: Cumulative Sanitary Surveys of Drinking Water Systems data.hawaii.gov 2012-07-31
Table 6: Number of Hawaiian Coastal Waters by Island (2006) data.hawaii.gov 2012-07-31
Table 9: Percentage of Population served Safe Drinking Water data.hawaii.gov 2012-07-31
Wastewater Treatment Plant Data data.cityofnewyork.us 2014-03-05
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Watershed statistics data.cityofnewyork.us 2013-06-26