Name Agency Published
2016 Draft CAFO Permit Public Comments 2016-10-06
Annual 2013 Water Quality Index Scores 2014-04-28
Aquatic Noxious Weed Control Draft General Permit Public Comments 2016-11-10
Aquatic Pesticide and Algae Management Draft General Permit Comments 2015-12-23
Bridge and Ferry Terminal Washing Draft General Permit Comments 2016-12-09
Clean Air Rule Comments 2015-10-09
Clean Air Rule public comments 2016-03-28
Clean Power Plan Feedback 2016-02-04
Cleanup Sites in Washington State 2014-05-28
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Permit Comments 2015-10-13
Draft Aquatic Invasive Species Control General Permit Comments 2016-07-05
Draft Boatyard General Permit Public Comments 2016-05-02
Ecology Wastewater Operator Professional Growth 2015-12-05
Historical Drought Permits – Washington State 2014-02-14
Human Health Criteria Draft Rule Comments - WAC 173.201A 2016-05-20
Municipal Stormwater Permit Outfall Data 2015-05-01
Reclaimed Water Rulemaking 173-219 WAC 2015-09-28
Sand & Gravel General Permit Comments 2015-10-30
Summer Low Flow Trend Indicator 1975-2013 2014-09-23
Summer Low Flow Trend Indicator 1975-2014 2015-04-22
Voluntary Clean Water Guidance for Agriculture Proposed Process Comments 2017-02-06
WQI Parameter Scores 1994-2013 2014-04-29
Water Quality Index Scores (1994-2013) from The WA State Department of Ecology’s River and Stream Monitoring Program. 2014-04-28
Water Right Applications 2016-06-17
Water Right Records – All Document Types 2014-10-22