Name Agency Published
Additional Revenue 2017-02-08
Capital Commitments All Funds 2017-02-08
Capital Commitments City Funds 2017-02-08
City Budget and Actual Expenditures 2016-12-06
City Budget and Actual Revenue 2017-01-18
Expense All Funds 2017-02-08
Expense City Funds 2017-02-08
FY16 MMR Agency Resources 2016-09-26
FY17 PMMR Agency Resources 2017-02-06
New York State Budget and Actuals: Beginning Fiscal Year 1994-95 2017-02-27
New York State Revenue: Beginning Fiscal Year 1991-92 2016-05-17
Program Budget Operating Budget Vs Expense Raw Data 2014-10-09
State of Iowa Expenditures 2014-12-01