Name Agency Published
2011-2012 NYC Family Guides 2011-10-11
2013-2014 PHAP Associates by State 2015-03-17
2016 Grant for Technology Opportunities Program Awardees 2016-04-15
AISP 1 & 2-Year Tyvek Tag Dealers 2015-07-21
ASTDD Synopses of State Oral Health Programs - Selected indicators 2017-02-02
CEPS Organization Information 2013-06-21
Child Care Regulated Programs 2017-04-20
City University of New York (CUNY) Programs: Beginning Fall 2008 2015-12-21
Completed Percent for Art projects with artist information 2016-02-26
DCLA Program Funding for FY11 2013-06-21
DCLA Programs Funding 2017-04-06
DCLA: Programs Funding for FY2010 2013-06-21
DOE High School Programs 2016 2015-09-23
DYCD Contractors 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: Adolescent Literacy 2011-09-02
DYCD after-school programs: Family Support Programs for Seniors 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: Fatherhood 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: Health Stat 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: Healthy Families 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: ISY In-School Youth Employment Programs 2011-09-01
DYCD after-school programs: Immigrant Services 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: NDA Adult Literacy Programs 2011-09-02
DYCD after-school programs: NDA Family Literacy 2011-09-02
DYCD after-school programs: NDA Youth Employment Programs 2017-09-16
DYCD after-school programs: Neighborhood Development Area (NDA) Family Support 2011-09-06
DYCD after-school programs: OSY Out Of School Youth Employment Programs 2017-09-14
DYCD after-school programs: Reading And Writing Literacy Programs 2017-09-15
DYCD after-school programs: Runaway And Homeless Youth 2013-06-21
DYCD after-school programs: Young Adult Internship Programs 2011-09-01
DYCD after-school-programs: Housing 2013-06-21
Directory Of Lead Agencies And Housing Programs 2013-02-13
Empire State Development (ESD) Directors’ Approval Funding Summary: Beginning Fiscal Year 2012 2016-02-10
Family & Adult Court Contact Information 2013-06-21
Healthy incentives grid 2013-04-18
IDOT Aeronautics - Aviation Programs Sponsored by Universities in Illinois 2012-01-20
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Active Grants Beginning SFY16 2017-04-04
Libraries - 2011 Children’s Summer Reading Program 2012-02-23
Libraries - Children’s Summer Reading Program 2012-10-11
Libraries - Summer Reads for Adults 2012-10-11
NYCHA Development Data Book 2016-09-15
Office Disposition- Type Contact 2013-06-21
Office Locations 2014-05-05
Recreation Spring Programs 2016 2016-03-10
Recreation Summer Camps 2016 2016-03-14
School Based Programs by Borough 2016-06-02
Target Community District 2013-06-21