Monthly Change Log: November 2016


Issue Category Type Subject
3614 sql Feature Support for arithmetic expressions in the COUNT function.
3612 test Support API tests for property(path) function.
3609 sql Bug Server errors inconsistent when queries are executed via an /sql endpoint.
3606 api-rest Bug entityExpression not applied in property query method.
3605 UI Bug Removed header capitalization from the embedded property widget.
3604 test Support API tests for the entityExpression field.
3603 core Feature Replaced metric/entity/series/last-insert cache implementation to speed up write throughput.
3602 core Feature Migrated to Spring 4.
3584 security Feature Implemented encryption for the LDAP bind password stored in the database.
3557 sql Bug Fixed incorrect empty string handling by the ISNULL function.
3502 sql Bug Replaced CSV generator to speed up response generation for SQL queries executed via an /api/sql endpoint.
3632 sql Feature Added previous mode interpolation for the text column, in compliance with the PI Server.
3619 UI Bug Fixed Set Persistence button in the Metric Editor.
3616 api-rest Bug Corrected 500 error code returned for pre-flight cross-domain OPTION requests.
3613 portal Bug Portal not assigned to entity group when imported from an XML file.
3553 rule engine Feature Refactored the Actions tab in rule editor to correctly handle non-printable characters in script arguments.
3526 core Bug Addressed an issue with Append operations introduced with series counters. Removed the feature due to unstable HBase Append performance under heavy load.
3319 api-rest Support Added tests for NodeJS API client.
2369 portal Support Implemented Docker container portals: docker host overview, docker host counter breakdown, and docker container detail.
1924 forecast Feature Added new options for the Period setting in the Forecast Settings editor.


Issue Category Type Subject
3443 property Bug Fixed an issue with time column formatting when time zone is set to UTC.
2454 property Feature Implemented format-numbers and format-headers settings.
2335 property Bug Refactored entity setting to be specified in JSON and simplified no-JSON syntax.


Issue Category Type Subject
3635 tcp Feature Added support for default port, applied if list item does not have a port number.
3633 docker Bug Removed the collector-host tag from series, property, and message commands.
3629 data-source Feature Added ATSD to the list of supported data sources. The implementation relies on the ATSD JDBC driver.
3622 tcp Feature Refactored the job configuration form: add metric prefix, use built-in metric names, and display test table with statuses. Added support for the ${ITEM} placeholder similar to the FILE job.
3620 docker Feature Enabled collection of data for the Docker host using the fully qualified host name, passed with environment variable in the Docker container run command: "-e DOCKER_HOSTNAME=hostname -f".
3611 collection Feature Added support for ATSD Property API in Item Lists.
3577 jdbc Bug Fixed issue with connection leakage when querying PI Server via JDBC.
3589 collectd Feature Exec plugin for collectd to capture lvs command output.
3599 docker Feature Store container ENV parameters into a dedicated property type.
3597 administrator Feature Added the Admin page to view and drop command resender cache.
3595 json Bug Added heuristics to handle Socrata dataset fields.
3593 json Feature Extend JSON to be able to parse the BLS JSON format.
3569 json Feature Fixed error when parsing dates in Socrata configurations.
3568 json Feature Partial loading of large datasets during add and test stages.
3547 docker Bug Fixed issue with high CPU usage generated by the Docker collector container.