Weekly Change Log: December 25, 2016 - January 08, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3756 sql Bug Tag filter for the 2nd table removes all rows in JOIN queries.
3751 api-rest Bug isEmpty() function causes parse error in the series query method.
3749 sql Bug LOCATE function raises NPE in the WHERE clause.
3748 test Support CE web tests failing.
3747 sql Feature CAST does not allow date_format.
3746 sql Feature u pattern in the date_format function.
3741 sql Bug JOIN USING entity fails to correctly merge rows with tags.
3740 api-rest Bug Series query for versioned metrics does not provide a history of text values.
3738 sql Bug Math function ABS() does not accept 2nd aggregate expressions.
3721 sql Feature LIKE comparator optimized.
3711 sql Bug Slow parsing of queries with 30+ arguments in arithmetic expressions in the SELECT clause.
3695 sql Bug GROUP BY with join fails to return records.
3661 sql Feature CAST function implemented.
3527 jdbc Bug DbVisualizer hangs after repetitive query cancellations with the ATSD JDBC driver.


Issue Category Type Subject
3743 pi Feature Developed PI Server emulator for picomp2 and pipoint2 tables.


Issue Category Type Subject
3754 bar Bug Columns not created for series with statistic and wildcard matches.
3654 widget-settings Feature Support for meta fields in label-format.
3636 data-loading Bug Series not displayed if requested for the entity group or with the entity expression.
3143 table Bug Value and time columns of series with shorter periods are not displayed.

Issue 3756

The SQL executor was fixed to return correct results for a query containing a tag filter on a joined table (t64o.tags.city = 'New York').

SELECT t1.datetime, count(t1.value), count(t2.value)
  FROM dmv_incidents t1
  JOIN dmv_registrations t2
WHERE t1.entity = 'mr8w-325u'
  AND t1.tags.city = 'New York'
  AND t2.tags.city = 'New York'
GROUP BY t1.tags, t1.period(1 year)

Issue 3751

An error for entityExpression was addressed in series query method when isEmpty() was specified with brackets.

  "startDate": "2016-12-27T09:59:30Z",
  "endDate":   "2016-12-27T10:00:00Z",
  "entityGroup": "nmon-sub-group",
  "entityExpression": "property_values('asset::function').isEmpty()",
  "metric": "cpu_busy"

Issue 3749

The SQL parser was fixed to allow for the LOCATE function to be used in the WHERE clause.

SELECT sum(value)
  FROM df.disk_used
WHERE datetime > now - 1 * minute
  AND LOCATE('/', tags.file_system) > 0

Issue 3747

The CAST function now accepts output of the date_format function as the argument, for example:

SELECT date_format(time, 'EEE HH') AS 'hour_in_day',
FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
  WHERE datetime >= current_week
  AND CAST(date_format(time, 'H') AS number) >= 9 AND CAST(date_format(time, 'H') AS number) < 18
GROUP BY date_format(time, 'EEE HH')

Issue 3746

The u pattern was updated to return a numeric value representing the day number within a week (1 = Monday, ..., 7 = Sunday).

SELECT date_format(time, 'E'),
FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
  WHERE datetime >= previous_week
GROUP BY date_format(time, 'u')
  ORDER BY date_format(time, 'u')

Issue 3741

JOIN USING ENTITY did not merge rows as expected if tag names had the same names but different values. For example, the same tag tag1 with different values a and b.

series d:2016-12-23T00:00:00.000Z e:e1 m:m3=1 t:tag1=a
series d:2016-12-23T00:00:00.000Z e:e1 m:m4=1 t:tag1=b
  FROM m3

Issue 3740

The API processor was fixed to return the history of the text field for versioned metrics.

series e:e-vers-text d:2016-12-22T00:00:00Z x:vers-text-m=hello1
... wait, then insert again a different text value
series e:e-vers-text d:2016-12-22T00:00:00Z x:vers-text-m=hello2
  "startDate": "2016-12-20T00:00:00Z",
  "endDate":   "now",
  "entity": "*",
  "metric": "vers-text-m",
  "versioned": true
    "entity": "e-vers-text",
    "metric": "vers-text-m",
    "data": [
        "d": "2016-12-22T00:00:00.000Z",
        "v": "NaN",
        "x": "hello1",
        "version": {
          "d": "2016-12-22T14:00:37.743Z"
        "d": "2016-12-22T00:00:00.000Z",
        "v": "NaN",
        "x": "hello2",
        "version": {
          "d": "2016-12-22T14:00:42.137Z"

Issue 3738

The ABS() function produced an error when an expression was submitted:

SELECT ABS(max(value)*avg(value))
  FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
WHERE datetime > previous_minute

Issue 3721

The LIKE operator was optimized to filter out series using the last insert table. The following query now provides similar performance such as for tags.city = 'Philadelphia'.

SELECT count(*)
  FROM dmv_incidents
WHERE entity = 'mr8w-325u'
  AND tags.city LIKE 'Philadelphia'

Issue 3711

The lexer was upgraded to resolve slow parsing of queries such as shown below:

SELECT value+value+value+value
FROM 'testmetric'

Issue 3695

A defect with the GROUP BY and JOIN clauses was fixed to return results for the following queries:

SELECT sum(t1.value), sum(tot.value)
  FROM dmv_incidents tot
JOIN dmv_registrations t1
  WHERE tot.entity = 'mr8w-325u'
  AND tot.tags.city = 'New York'
GROUP BY tot.period(1 year)

Issue 3661

The CAST function transforms a string into a number which can then be used in arithmetic expressions.

CAST(inputString AS Number)
SELECT datetime, value, entity, tags,
  value/CAST(LOOKUP('disk-size', concat(entity, ',', tags.file_system)) AS Number) AS 'pct_used'
FROM disk.stats.used
  WHERE datetime > current_hour

Issue 3743

Released an initial version of the PI Server emulator, which returns results for queries against the virtual picomp2 and pipoint2 tables. The emulator operates via the ATSD JDBC driver (not the PI JDBC driver).

FROM pipoint..pipoint2

Issue 3754

Fixed an issue were columns were not being created for series with a statistic and wildcard match: ChartLab

Issue 3654

Added support for meta fields in label-format (and series tooltips) so that meta.metric.tag and meta.entity.tag can be replaced with metadata values, loaded from the server.

Meta-data examples are documented here.


Issue 3636

Updated charts to display series if requested for an entity group or with an entity expression: ChartLab

Issue 3143

Fixed an issue where the value and time columns of series with shorter period were not being displayed: ChartLab