Weekly Change Log: January 30 - February 5, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3878 api-network Bug series command does not support line break in tag value and in x (annotation) field.
3874 api-network Bug series command fails to overwrite value when inserted in batch with append option.
3873 sql Bug Malformed tag names in a JOIN query.
3870 rule engine Bug Rule expression evaluation error is propagated to inserting clients.
3869 sql Bug Tag value encoding overflow for metrics with greater than 1K series.
3862 rule engine Bug Add HTML escape for variable (alias) expressions.
3861 client Feature ATSD Python client. Add support for SQL to dataframe retrieval.
3858 sql Bug Decimal precision sometimes ignored in scheduled SQL reports.
3854 rule engine Feature Extend date functions to allow custom time format.
3853 sql Bug Keyword QUARTER not supported.
3851 data-in Bug UDP server disconnects on malformed command.
3843 sql Bug Time/Period keywords are not case-insensitive.
3841 sql Bug CAST expression in WHERE condition changes results.
3840 sql Bug ORDER BY not applied when using column alias.


Issue Category Type Subject
3876 socrata Bug Job fails even if filter expression is valid.
3866 socrata Bug Configuration form refactoring.
3865 socrata Bug Time heuristics.
3849 socrata Bug Numeric field with non-standard NaN constant must be classified as numeric.
3848 socrata Bug Extract command time from the built-in updated_at field.
3826 socrata Feature Add support for series annotation (x:) field.


Issue Category Type Subject
3839 time-chart Bug Negative style not applied to marker color.
3836 bar Bug Remove on-load animation in bar and pie widgets.
3794 box Bug Fix tooltip issues.