Weekly Change Log: February 20 - February 26, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3951 sql Feature Granted permissions to USER role to cancel the user's own query.
3942 core Bug Fixed PermGen Error by setting MaxPermGen in start script.
3938 admin Bug Added PermGen memory usage metrics.
3934 admin Support Set MaxPermGen to 128 MB in start-atsd scripts.
3929 api-rest Bug Fixed double/float datatype cast rounding error in DELTA and COUNTER aggregators.


Issue Category Type Subject
3936 json Feature Added a text area for custom user commands.
3928 data-source Feature Added the separate Protocol field to data source configuration page.
3926 json Feature Provided an ability to extract Time, Metric Name & Value fields by index from an array.
3771 docker Bug Fixed database locks in Docker Data Reader.


Issue Category Type Subject
3958 core Bug Improved performance of legend rendering.

Issue 3938

The new metrics jvm_permgen_max, jvm_permgen_used, jvm_permgen_used_percent have been introduced to collect PermGen memory usage statistics. The values can also be seen in atsd.log:

2017-02-27 10:32:10,327;INFO;reaperScheduler-1;c.a.t.s.m.GarbageCollectionPoller;Memory Pool="Code Cache" type="Non-heap memory": 9 mb, Memory Pool="PS Eden Space" type="Heap memory": 484 mb, Memory Pool="PS Survivor Space" type="Heap memory": 9 mb, Memory Pool="PS Old Gen" type="Heap memory": 103 mb, Memory Pool="PS Perm Gen" type="Non-heap memory": 63 mb

Issue 3936

Custom network commands specified in Raw Commands textarea can be executed.

The following placeholders together with string functions are supported:

Issue 3926

Fields accessed by the array index have been added to dropdown menu.


Issue 3958

Rendering time of a chart with about 300 legend units

Before After