Weekly Change Log: February 27 - March 5, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3940 client Feature Added the sendCommands method to the Python API client.
3918 api-rest Bug Removed the last parameter in series queries. Use limit=1 instead.


Issue Category Type Subject
3977 UI Feature Display linked job configurations for HTTP Pools, Database Configurations, and Replacement Tables.
3976 collection Feature Added an option to specify executable script text on the Item List configuration page.
3974 http-pool Bug Fixed an error when deleting an HTTP Pool.
3969 json Bug Fixed a conflict between Included Fields and Metric Name & Value fields.
3967 collection Bug Speed up Item List (type SCRIPT) retrieval times by checking script presence and caching items.
3949 json Bug Fixed incorrect inclusion of the Entity field as a metric field.
3933 json Bug Fixed inconsistent specification for the Custom Tags field.
3932 json Feature Allowed for JSON Path expressions in Custom Tags field.
3829 scheduler Bug Disabled Run button if a job if running.
3817-a socrata Feature Added an option to skip resending of already processed data.
3817-b socrata Feature Added the Query Filter field to filter rows in a resultset.


Issue Category Type Subject
3970 treemap Bug Fixed display = false behavior.
3964 table Bug Made calculated alert values available in the hide-columns function.
3961 treemap Feature Implemented new mode settings: row, column, auto.
3960 time-chart Bug Fixed legend visibility for wildcard series requested for multiple entities or an entity group.
3959 api Feature Removed support for last setting due to ATSD API changes.
3941 widget-settings Feature Implemented functions to retrieve entity and metric tags in threshold and other calculations.
3927 core Bug Fixed the order of widget content geometry calculation.

Issue 3940

New sendCommands method:

import atsd_client
from atsd_client.services import CommandsService
conn = atsd_client.connect()
commandsService = CommandsService(conn)
commands_to_send = ["metric m:stat.step p:integer",
                    "series e:process m:stat.step=0 x:stat.step=initial"]

Issue 3977

The configuration pages for Databases, HTTP Pools, and Replacement Tables now display linked jobs.

For the HTTP pool, the linked task configurations, item lists, and ATSD configurations are now shown.

For the Replacement table, the linked task configurations are shown.

Issue 3976

Command field containing the path to the executable script renamed Path to the script. New field allows entering commands returning Item List elements, one per line. The commands from the text area are copied to a file in the $AXIBASE_COLLECTOR_HOME/conf/scripts directory and executed as a script. You must set script.text.execute.allow=true in the $AXIBASE_COLLECTOR_HOME/conf/server.properties file to enable this feature.

Issue 3932

Issue 3817-a

New checkbox Skip Old Data introduced. If enabled, the last data row from the target dataset is stored by Collector. When the task is executed next time, only new rows are sent into ATSD as series.

Issue 3817-b

The new field Query Filter has been introduced to allow applying a filter expression as part of a request.


Issue 3961

The new settings introduced in Treemap configurations:

Setting Description Available options
mode Layout mode to control how rectangles are positioned. default
row (align rectangles as rows)
column (align rectangles as columns)
auto (switch between row and column modes depending on widget size)


Issue 3959

last = true is deprecated. Replace it with limit: 1.


Issue 3941

Functions meta(), entityTag(), and metricTag(), which return entity or metric tags retrieved from the server, are now available in widget settings:

meta('alias') – returns ‘meta’ object for series with alias ‘alias’.
meta() – returns ‘meta’ object for the current series.
entityTag('alias', 'tag_name')return entity tag value for series with the specified alias
entityTag('tag_name')return entity tag value for the current series
metricTag('alias', 'tag_name')return metric tag value for series with the specified alias
metricTag('tag_name')return metric tag value for the current series

Refer to metadata documentation for additional examples.