Weekly Change Log: March 6 - March 12, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3978 portal Bug Display disabled portals on Entity Group portal assignment page.


Issue Category Type Subject
3972 json Bug Replace non-printable characters to underscores in generated entity names.
3931 json Bug Add support for referencing field names containing dots by quoting the field name.
3828 admin Bug Expose atsd-api-java request logging via logback configuration.
3827 file Feature Add support for placeholders in First Line Contains field.
3990 collection Bug Ignore stderr when reading SCRIPT Item List.


Issue Category Type Subject
3956 data-loading Bug Treat [tags] containing comma as separate tag values.
3975 widget-settings Feature Implement tag-expression setting to filter series by tag values.

Issue 3827

Issue 3956


Issue 3975

Setting Description
tag-expression Applies server-side filter to series based on series tag values.