Weekly Change Log: April 3 - April 9, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4000 sql Bug Standardize NaN and NULL processing in aggregation functions: min_value_time and max_value_time.
4057 sql Feature Add support for conditions containings multiple expressions in CASE.
4083 sql Feature Allow metric LIKE condition in atsd_series queries.
4082 sql Bug Fix issued with failing query cancellation requests.
4081 api-network Bug Fix processing of commands with multiline text containing lines starting with time keyword.
4075 sql Bug Optimize queries with metrics() function by pushing down predicates into the subquery.
4079 sql Bug Metric/entity timeZone field must return time zone name instead of toString output.
4067 sql Bug SELECT 1 query fails to return both header row and one data row.
4074 sql Bug Fix NullPointerException when ordering by NULL tag with ROW_MEMORY_THRESHOLD 0 option
4066 log_aggregator Bug Eliminate duplicate log aggregator instances when logback configuration is reloaded.
4070 sql Bug Optimize processing of OR datetime condition.
4060 sql Feature Add support for LAG and LEAD functions in the BETWEEN operator.
4058 sql Bug Fix NullPointerException in partitioned OUTER JOIN queries with externally sorted results.
4047 sql Bug Fix error raised when using IN operator in WHERE condition containing LAG and LEAD functions.


Issue Category Type Subject
4090 jdbc Bug Avoid logging error if InterpolateType value is NULL.
4078 core Bug Fix parsing series commands with '=' symbol in the text field.
4061 file Bug Save error messages if FTP connection fails.

Issue 4057

SELECT entity, datetime, value,
CASE entity
  WHEN 'nurswgvml006' OR 'nurswgvml007' THEN '00'
  ELSE 'Unknown'
END AS 'ent'
FROM cpu_busy
WHERE datetime >= previous_minute

Issue 4083

SELECT entity, metric, datetime, value
  FROM atsd_series
WHERE metric LIKE 'cpu_*'
  AND datetime >= CURRENT_HOUR
ORDER BY datetime

Issue 4060

SELECT datetime, LAG(value), value, LEAD(value)
  FROM cpu_busy
WHERE entity = 'nurswgvml007'
  AND datetime BETWEEN '2017-04-02T14:19:15Z' AND '2017-04-02T14:21:15Z'
  AND value BETWEEN LAG(value) AND LEAD(value)