Weekly Change Log: May 01, 2017 - May 07, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4149 sql Bug Fixed a self-join exception that occurred when using the metrics() function
4131 Test Bug Fixed an error caused by ignoring Daylight Savings Time when using a GROUP BY PERIOD clause with a user-defined time zone.
4130 sql Bug Fixed an error causing the display of duplicate rows when performing aggregation without grouping.
4112 sql Bug Fixed ISNULL function evaluation that ignored the first condition unless another condition is present in the WHERE clause.
4105 sql Bug Fixed an error causing missing rows in sub-queries containing the WHERE condition.
4097 UI Bug Fixed a concurrency problem causing multiple queries to be stopped with a single cancel request.


Issue Category Type Subject
4154 docker Bug Fixed an async exception that listens for Docker events.
4151 docker Bug Fixed data gap when ATSD is temporarily down.


Issue Category Type Subject
4153 box Bug Fixed an auto-scaling error for aggregated series in the Box Widget.
4124 refactoring Bug Optimize series-label rendering.

Issue 4153

Application of the statistic command yielded incorrect displays for the entity = * fields under particular [series] clusters which can be viewed in ChartLab.