Weekly Change Log: May 29, 2017 - June 04, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4236 sql Bug Resolved error when using JOIN and INTERPOLATE(DETAIL) clauses together.
4224 sql Bug Fixed a bug which caused the datetime column to be rendered in milliseconds when referenced by the CONCAT function.
4199 admin Bug Fixed a bug which failed to update HOSTNAME and server URL in Settings > Server Properties at runtime.
4163 UI Feature Several enhancements to the User Interface: tooltips, column visibility, icons, auto-completes.
4144 rule engine Feature Add a page displaying all active email subscribers in the Rule Engine.
4107 UI Bug Layout of several forms refactored to adhere to the latest guidelines.
3900 UI Bug Fixed an issue with message counter chart failing to render on timespan change.


Issue 4163

Settings > Server Properties, modified to display differences between actual and default property values:


Settings > System Information, table headers added to user interface:


Portals tab, View button allows for viewing of the Portal during configuration:


'Remember Me' tooltip added:


Settings > Users. ROLE_ prefix removed:


Detailed columns removed from the Entities tab.

Alerts, second precision added to date column, ACKNOWLEDGE column shortened to ACK:


Messages, Millisecond precision added to date column.

Issue 4144

Alerts > Rules


Subscribers button displays all email subscribers.