Weekly Change Log: August 14, 2017 - August 20, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4498 core Bug Added warning if Zookeeper returns TableExistsException which requires clearing Zookeeper cache.
4496 entity_views Bug Fixed an error which created duplicate entity views on each database start.
4481 core Bug Fixed an error caused by a parent tag template referencing a child tag template in a loop.
4480 entity_views Feature Implement formatInterval and formatIntervalShort functions in Entity Views.
4479 UI Bug Fix multiple UI issues with tag templates.
4478 entity Bug Add support for entity names containing commas in Entity Group editor.
4476 api-rest Feature Apply limit parameter when querying forecast data.
4460 UI Feature Display request execution time in the built-in API client.
4415 UI Feature Refactor metric and entity list editors to support group actions.
4408 UI Bug Refactor Metrics and Entity tabs.
4362 client Feature Add support for HTTP HEAD method in the built-in API client.
4317 sql Feature Added support for publishing scheduled SQL report files.
4297 sql Feature Added support for storing derived series.


Issue 4480

formatInterval(elapsedTime(value)) + " ago"

Issue 4476

    "entity": "nurswgvml007",
    "metric": "cpu_busy",
    "type": "FORECAST",
    "startDate": "2016-10-01T00:00:00Z",
    "endDate": "2016-11-01T00:00:00Z",
    "limit": 1

The Limit setting controls the number of samples contained in the resultset.

Issue 4460

Query execution time highlighted above.

Issue 4415

Issue 4317

Files produced by an SQL report can be made available for downloading by end-users. The report files contain records that were prepared by the server when the scheduled task was last executed.

Issue 4297

The Store option enables writing the results of the query back into the database.