Weekly Change Log: August 28, 2017 - September 03, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4532 security Feature Add support for Guest access to portals.
4531 api-rest Bug Fix bug causing message commands to be logged as series commands in the command.log.
4528 statistics Bug Fix the estimated schedule for series that are collected with monthly frequency.
4525 UI Feature Summary Table added to Database Tables page to simplify data growth monitoring.
4519 core Feature Licensing restrictions removed to allow all database editions to compress data with gz and lzo algorithms.
4503 UI Bug Restrict access to Rules and Entity Views pages for users with an Editor role.
4502 sql Bug Add the encodeTags parameter to SQL API method.
4477 core Feature Add HBase coprocessors to ATSD tables programmatically to avoid changing hbase-site.xml.
4410 Bug Java API Add missing metric methods to the Java API Client.
4351 jdbc Feature Add support for extended tag methods in the JDBC driver.

Issue 4532

The "Guest Access" check box controls unauthenticated access to a selected portal.

Issue 4525

The Summary Table in Configuration > Database Tables displays totals for key data tables.

Issue 4351

Map<String, String> seriesTags = new HashMap<String, String>();
seriesTags.put("surface", "Outer");
seriesTags.put("status", "Initial");
// ...
aps.setTags(2, seriesTags);

// de-serialize
Map<String, String> seriesTags = rs.getTags(3);