Weekly Change Log: September 25, 2017 - October 1, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4603 admin Bug Logging: removed Freemarker Log4j runtime warnings.
4576 rule_engine Feature Implemented lookup functions entity_tags and entity_tag.
4593 security Feature Retain session when the built-in administrator account is created.
4587 security Feature Create built-in user groups to simplify initial configuration.
4586 api Feature Store createDate for new entities and metrics.
4584 api Bug Fix concurrency error when deleting a large set of entities using Meta API.
4581 api Bug Incorrect last insert date in the response object if last insert date filter is specified in the request.


Issue Category Type Subject
4601 widget-settings Bug Rename getValueAtPoint function as getValueForDate.

Axibase Collector

Issue Category Type Subject
4596 docker Feature Validate atsd_url and collector password in the entrypoint script prior to starting the collector.
4577 core Bug Update packages to latest stable versions without known security issues.

Issue 4576

The new lookup functions can be used for creating correlated rules that depend on the state of another (related) entity, for example container<->host / container<->image / volume<->container.

count() = 0 AND entity_tag(entity.tags['collector-host'], 'status') = 'running'

Issue 4586

Issue 4581

GET /api/v1/metrics/docker.cpu.sum.usage.total.percent/series?maxInsertDate=2017-09-19T20:51:00Z

The response incorrectly returned entities with lastInsertDate greater than maxInsertDate parameter while displaying a wrong lastInsertDate value in the response.

    "metric": "docker.cpu.sum.usage.total.percent",
    "entity": "nurswghbs001",
    "tags": {},
    "lastInsertDate": "2017-09-19T20:50:36.712Z"

Actual lastInsertDate was 2017-09-19T21:15:00Z