Weekly Change Log: October 9, 2017 - October 15, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4641 rule-engine Feature Implement LOOKUP function to retrieve replacement table items by key.
4636 api-rest Feature Add support for metric and entity fields to the expression parameter in list methods.
4630 rule-engine Bug Dictionary service: fix caching for non-lowercased keys.
4627 entity_views Feature Implement multi-entity portal displayed for entities matched with search.
4623 storage Bug Fix error when region split is initiated in the UI.
4622 client Bug Resolve python installation errors due to broken pandas module.
4617 storage Bug Not all records were deleted for metrics with enabled retention policy.
4608 client Bug Python client upgrade failure.
4605 api-rest Feature Add support for SLOPE and INTERCEPT aggregators in series query.
4598 security Feature Enable auto-login on server restart if 'Remember Me' option is checked on login.
4592 sql Bug Incorrect datetime OR complex filter.
4554 sql Bug Change behavior of datetime != operator.
4489 sql Bug Incorrect reference to the value column in the WHERE clause.
4353 sql Feature Allow column aliases to be the same as column names.
4103 sql Bug Fix WITH INTERPOLATE clause with user-defined time zone.

Axibase Collector

Issue Category Type Subject
4634 docker Bug Apply limit to docker.cpu.sum.usage.total.percent calculation.
4633 security Feature Enable auto-login on server restart if 'Remember Me' option is checked on login.
4625 docker Feature Read credentials from environment variables.
4616 docker Feature Mask secrets (passwords) in properties and inspect files.
4582 docker Feature Add shutdown hook in collector to update docker host status on shutdown.


Issue Category Type Subject
4626 time-chart Bug Prevent duplicate series from being displayed after incremental data is loaded.
2185 time-chart Feature Speed up rendering of column-stack charts with many series.

Issue 4641

The LOOKUP function returns a matching value for key from the specified replacement table.

lookup(S replacementTable, S key)
lookup("cities", "Baltimore")

Issue 4636

The expression parameter in metric and entity list methods now supports all metric and entity fields respectively.

  • Entities
name NOT LIKE 'aws*' AND lower(label) NOT LIKE 'aws*' AND createdDate > '2017-10-01T00:00:00Z'
  • Metrics
retentionDays > 0 OR seriesRetentionDays > 0

Issue 4627

The multi-entity portal in entity views displays key metrics for entities matched with a search keyword.

Issue 4605

The complete list of statistical functions is provided here.

  "startDate": "2017-10-21T19:00:00Z",
  "endDate":   "2017-10-21T20:00:00Z",
  "entity": "nurswgvml007",
  "metric": "cpu_busy",
  "aggregate": {
    "types": ["AVG", "SLOPE", "INTERCEPT"],
    "period": {"count": 15, "unit": "MINUTE"}

Issue 4353

SELECT "export_test"."datetime" AS "datetime",
   "export_test"."entity" AS "entity",
   "export_test"."metric" AS "metric",
   "export_test"."tags" AS "tags",
   "export_test"."text" AS "text",
   "export_test"."time" AS "time",
   "export_test"."value" AS "value"
 FROM "export_test" LIMIT 100

Issue 4625

Add support for the following environment variables:

  --env ATSD_URL=https://atsd_hostname:8443

Issue 4616

The values are masked in the following cases:

  • If variable name contains 'password' (case insensitive).
  • If command arguments contain url with credentials.