Weekly Change Log: October 30, 2017 - November 05, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4694 sql Bug Storing results into new series fails for new metric/entity if Check Last Time is enabled.
4693 installation Bug Fix failing HBase shell tests by increasing a timeout for the last test.
4692 rule-engine Bug Import of an existing rule with a webhook breaks the current rule with the same name.
4687 api-rest Feature Added support for wildcards when requesting metric/entity tags.
4686 UI Feature Tag templates: added support for Entity Link field type.
4685 core Bug Entity group built with the hasMetric(name, hours) function is empty after the scheduled update.
4684 UI Feature Entity group editor refactored.
4665 client Feature Python API client models and utility classes refactored.
4652 UI Feature New top menu implemented.

Axibase Collector

Issue Category Type Subject
4673 docker Bug Prevent docker.sum.diskio.ioservicebytes.write metric overflow.


Issue Category Type Subject
4690 widgets Feature Speed up series filtering in dependent charts.
4678 api Feature Upgrade JavaScript adapter for external charting libraries.
4630 api Feature Implement previous() function.

Issue 4687

The tags parameter in Entity Group: Get Entities, Entities: List, Metrics: List now accepts wildcards to control the list of tags in the response.

  • Retrieve members of the docker-images group. Add entity tags that start with env. to the response.

Issue 4686

The Entity Link field resolves the tag value to an entity and displays a link the entity editor. The tooltip displays the entity label, if available.

Issue 4684

  • The new Author field is automatically pre-filled with the name of the current user to coordinate group management in large organizations.

  • The member type options renamed with a new status message.

Issue 4652

  • Navigation flow changed from top/down to left/right.

  • Collapse mode minimizes the amount of space required for top menu links.

  • Links are grouped based on the function instead of the user role.

  • Portals can be easily accessed from the top toolbar.

  • Entity views can be added to the top menu with a custom icon.