Weekly Change Log: November 20, 2017 - November 26, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4745 rule engine Feature Implement matchList function to simplify name collection checks.
4745 rule engine Bug Skip variable replacement in logging messages if rule logging is disabled.
4734 rule engine Bug The screenshot portal must include functions specified in user variables.
4732 administrator Feature Compress backup XML files to gz format to save local disk space.
4730 rest api Feature Add support for addMeta parameter in series method.
4724 rule engine Feature Implement functions to access status of another rule for correlation purposes.
4715 rest api Feature Implement series tags method to retrieve unique tag values.
4713 rest api Bug Include entity and metric metadata in series queries for FORECAST datatype.
4710 rule engine Feature Include alert screenshots as inline images instead of attachments.
4704 rule engine Feature Customize charts used in alert screenshots to display aggregation functions referenced in the rule expression.
4599 security Feature Add support for user IP access restrictions.

Axibase Collector

Issue Category Type Subject
4740 docker Bug Container entity tags are missing if storage driver is not properly configured on collector startup.
4703 docker Bug Collector CPU gets abnormally high when multiple Docker jobs are running.
4695 docker Bug Docker job hangs when multiple Docker jobs are running.

Issue 4745

The matchList functions is a less verbose alternative to likeAny function.

matchList(tags.request_ip, 'ip_white_list')

likeAny(tags.request_ip, collection('ip_white_list'))

Issue 4734

Issue 4730

Support for addMeta parameter added to the series method.

  "metric": "gc_time_percent",
  "entity": "atsd",
  "tags": {
    "collector": "Copy",
    "host": "NURSWGVML007"
  "lastInsertDate": "2017-11-24T16:05:26.945Z",
  "meta": {
    "metric": {
      "name": "gc_time_percent",
      "enabled": true,
      "dataType": "FLOAT",
      "persistent": true,
      "tags": {},
      "timePrecision": "MILLISECONDS",
      "retentionDays": 0,
      "seriesRetentionDays": 0,
      "invalidAction": "NONE",
      "versioned": false,
      "interpolate": "LINEAR"
    "entity": {
      "name": "atsd",
      "enabled": true,
      "tags": {
        "test": "test",
        "testkey": "testvalue"

Issue 4724

Rule functions check the status of windows created by other rules.

The rule_open function checks if there is at least one window with the OPEN or REPEAT status for the specified rule.

rule_open(S ruleName)

// example
avg() > 10 && rule_open('disk_used_check')

The rule_window function returns the first matching window for the specified rule.

rule_window(S ruleName)
// example
avg() > 10 && rule_window('disk_used_check') != null && rule_window('disk_used_check').status != 'CANCEL'

Issue 4715

The series tags method returns unique series tags values for the specified metric.

  "file_system": ["/dev/mapper/vg_nurswgvml006-lv_root", "/dev/sdb1"],
  "mount_point": ["/", "/media/datadrive"]

Issue 4710

The inline screenshots are positioned after the message content and before the message footer.

Issue 4599

The Allowed IPs field enables specifying a list of addresses or address ranges in CIDR format from which the user is allowed to access the database.

The checks are enforced to requests made over the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are supported.