Weekly Change Log: December 4, 2017 - December 10, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4788 rule editor Feature Add endpoint links in the webhook drop-down.
4787 rule editor Bug Set default values for empty fields in CUSTOM webhook type.
4782 security Bug Prevent browser auto-complete to submit user credentials on the outgoing webhook form.
4779 api-rest Bug Series query: invalid JSON returned if addMeta parameter for unknown metric is specified.
4778 rule editor Feature Implement placeholders for the Details Table.
4776 rule engine Feature Extract functions from the db_last and db_statistic functions to include in webhook charts.
4775 rule editor Bug Raise error on invalid syntax in database functions.
4773 api-rest Bug Series query: fix for empty response when seriesLimit is enforced.
4772 rule editor Feature Add setting Group by All Tags.
4767 rule engine Bug Webhooks: Timeout waiting for connection from pool on CircleCI.
4765 rule engine Feature Implement derived commands.
4757 rule engine Bug Remove excessive rounding in variables.
4754 rule engine Feature Add window viewer.
4753 rule engine Bug Alert does not reopen when Message on Cancel is empty.
4728 portal Bug Charts and portals: ensure LTR layout regardless of the browser setting.
4717 api-rest Bug Series query: wrong below median PERCENTILE_* calculations (equals to MIN).
4713 api-rest Bug Series query with FORECAST type: add support for addMeta parameter.
4781 rule engine Feature Implement HipChat Data Center notifications.
4738 rule engine Feature Implement WEBHOOK notifications.
4579a rule engine Feature Implement CUSTOM notifications.
4579b rule engine Feature Implement SLACK notifications.
4579c rule engine Feature Implement TELEGRAM notifications.
4579d rule engine Feature Implement DISCORD notifications.

Axibase Collector

Issue Category Type Subject
4780 docker Bug Collector CPU is abnormally high if TCP checks are enabled.

Issue 4778

The alert details table can embedded into the target document using the same format as the host document.


Issue 4772

The new settings automatically creates as many series as there are incoming series to simplify the initial configuration. For message and property commands, the setting is set to No Tags.

Issue 4765

The derived command action allows storing new calculated metrics in the database by executing custom command templates in the Network API syntax.

series e:${entity} m:jvm_memory_free_avg_percent=${round(100 - avg(), 3)}

The new commands can be executed at the frequency of incoming commands or decreased with a custom repeat interval.

Issue 4781

HipChat Data Center notifications.

Issue 4579b

Slack notifications.

Issue 4579c

Telegram notifications.

Issue 4579d

Discord notifications.