Weekly Change Log: December 18, 2017 - December 25, 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4831 security Support Update dependencies to next minor versions.
4829 rule engine Bug ElUtils.preProcess fails while processing empty list.
4824 email Bug Enforce max limit to the message subject.
4819 api-rest Feature Implement incoming webhook functionality.
4817 rule engine Feature Add administrative setting to allow command execution.
4816 api-rest Bug Series query: fix PREVIOUS interpolation.
4815 entity Feature Entity groups: add field to specify the default tag template.
4811 portal Feature Use entity and metric labels in the default rule engine portal.
4808 rule engine Feature Implement access to metric values by name if metrics are in the same series command.
4807 rule engine Feature Webhooks: implement AWS API webhook.
4803 sql Bug Refactor setting to allow filling interpolated values with any value.
4790 rule engine Bug Webhooks: UI Enhancements.
4784 rule engine Bug Improve the contents and formatting of the default alert details table.
4765 rule engine Feature Implement derived commands.
4749 UI Bug Delete entity error after delete is cancelled.
4711 UI Feature UI: Multiple Enhancements.
3560 core Feature Implement units field in the Metric class.
2613 portal Feature Implement a redirect to view portal by name as well as by id.


Issue Category Type Subject
4805 api Feature Interpolation field in series configuration.


Issue Category Type Subject
4830 core Bug Security Fixes.