Monthly Change Log: February 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3951 sql Feature Granted permissions to users with USER role to cancel the own queries.
3942 core Bug Fixed PermGen Error by setting MaxPermGen in start script.
3938 administrator Bug Added PermGen memory usage metrics.
3934 administrator Support Set MaxPermGen to 128 MB in start-atsd scripts.
3929 api-rest Bug Fixed double/float datatype cast rounding error in DELTA and COUNTER aggregators.
3925 api-rest Feature Added column alias to metadata with metadataFormat=COMMENTS and outputFormat=csv.
3919 csv Feature Added an option to ignore top-N header lines in CSV Parser.
3898 rule engine Bug Fixed incorrect error validation of user-defined column aliases.
3889 rule engine Bug Fixed entity.label field not accessible in filter expressions.
3912 sql Bug Fixed NullPointerException in JOIN queries without a WHERE condition.
3910 rule engine Bug Invalid rules are logged with rule name to simplify troubleshooting.
3909 rule engine Feature Added a Discard Previous Values filter option to control processing of commands with a timestamp earlier than the most recent one.
3902 api-network Bug Fixed deletion of annotations by batched series commands with the append option.
3894 rule engine Bug Fixed validation of user-defined variables.
3893 sql Bug Fixed delta aggregator behavior with filtered dates.
3892 sql Bug Fixed usage of the CASE statement in SELECT clauses with grouping by the time column.
3890 sql Bug Fixed tag encoding error in high-cardinality metrics.
3887 UI Bug Added HTML-escaping for columns on SQL Queries page.
3885 api-network Bug Fixed annotation append behavior by batched series commands with the append option.
3883 rule engine Bug Variables are now allowed to be referenced by other variables.
3880 sql Bug Fixed NullPointerException in JOIN queries when aggregating null values.
3879 rule engine Feature Added time filter to control how historical and future records are discarded.
3872 sql Bug Fixed a merge issue with JOIN USING entity clause.
3860 api-rest Bug series query now returns text values with cache=true field.
3844 sql Bug The ISNULL function is now allowed to be a part of expression.
3508 log_aggregator Feature Added ability to limit maximum event message size.
3878 api-network Bug series command does not support line break in tag value and in x (annotation) field.
3874 api-network Bug series command fails to overwrite value when inserted in batch with append option.
3873 sql Bug Malformed tag names in a JOIN query.
3870 rule engine Bug Rule expression evaluation error is propagated to inserting clients.
3869 sql Bug Tag value encoding overflow for metrics with greater than 1K series.
3862 rule engine Bug Add HTML escape for variable (alias) expressions.
3861 client Feature ATSD Python client. Add support for SQL to dataframe retrieval.
3858 sql Bug Decimal precision sometimes ignored in scheduled SQL reports.
3854 rule engine Feature Extend date functions to allow custom time format.
3853 sql Bug Keyword QUARTER not supported.
3851 data-in Bug UDP server disconnects on malformed command.
3843 sql Bug Time/Period keywords are not case-insensitive.
3841 sql Bug CAST expression in WHERE condition changes results.
3840 sql Bug ORDER BY not applied when using column alias.


Issue Category Type Subject
3876 socrata Bug Job fails even if filter expression is valid.
3866 socrata Bug Configuration form refactoring.
3865 socrata Bug Time heuristics.
3849 socrata Bug Numeric field with non-standard NaN constant must be classified as numeric.
3848 socrata Bug Extract command time from the built-in updated_at field.
3826 socrata Feature Add support for series annotation (x:) field.
3903 socrata Bug Implemented filtering and trimming of tag values before saving.
3899 socrata Feature Added capability to launch an automated job from dataset URL.
3877 socrata Bug Annotations are added under numeric metric names.
3864 socrata Feature Added a summary table displayed in Test mode.
3859 socrata Feature Added a URL wizard.
3936 json Feature Added a text area for custom user commands.
3928 data-source Feature Added the separate Protocol field to data source configuration page.
3926 json Feature Provided an ability to extract Time, Metric Name & Value fields by index from an array.
3771 docker Bug Fixed database locks in Docker Data Reader.
3895 socrata Bug Added heuristics to automatically classify and ignore fields in Socrata data sources.
3891 docker Bug Fixed missing entity command for a new container when 'Life Cycle event monitoring' is disabled.


Issue Category Type Subject
3958 core Bug Improved performance of legend rendering.
3921 widget-settings Bug Added escape() method to list and var arrays to escape commas in elements.
3917 widget-settings Bug Added the ability to escape commas and backslashes in settings which contain a list.
3897 table Feature Added auto-height setting.
3896 table Feature Added a setting to hide table headers.
3791 table Bug Fixed slider un-focus behavior after data update.
3908 table Bug Fixed row sorting when conditional display: none style is used.
3901 portal Support Added ability to hide rows if no alert is raised for all metrics in a row.
3792 box Feature Implemented metro class setting.
3839 time-chart Bug Negative style not applied to marker color.
3836 bar Bug Remove on-load animation in bar and pie widgets.
3794 box Bug Fix tooltip issues.

Issue 3938

The new metrics jvm_permgen_max, jvm_permgen_used, jvm_permgen_used_percent have been introduced to collect PermGen memory usage statistics.

The values can also be seen in atsd.log

2017-02-27 10:32:10,327;INFO;reaperScheduler-1;c.a.t.s.m.GarbageCollectionPoller;Memory Pool="Code Cache" type="Non-heap memory": 9 mb, Memory Pool="PS Eden Space" type="Heap memory": 484 mb, Memory Pool="PS Survivor Space" type="Heap memory": 9 mb, Memory Pool="PS Old Gen" type="Heap memory": 103 mb, Memory Pool="PS Perm Gen" type="Non-heap memory": 63 mb

Issue 3936

Custom network commands specified in Raw Commands textarea can be executed.

The following placeholders together with string functions are supported:

Issue 3926

Fields accessed by the array index have been added to drop-down list.


Issue 3958

Rendering time of a chart with about 300 legend units

Before After

Issue 3919

The option allows ignoring top-N header lines in the imported CSV file. This enables skipping multi-line headers or metadata sections in CSV files.

  • Example: Skip 1 line Title: "ORO.csv" since it contains no separators.
Title: "ORO.csv"
  • Example 2. Skip 8 lines (empty and prefixed with :) to start processing the following line.
.A ORO 20160312 PS DH0000 /LSH 2325491
:Station ID ORO, sensor number 15, duration H
:Specified start date '03/12/2016 00:00' and ending date '03/14/2016 00:00'
:Note:  All data is PST and is displayed in 4-digit year format to comply with Y2K requirements.
:  sta yyyymmdd PS DHhhmm /code value
.A ORO 20160312 PS DH0000 /LSH 2325491

Issue 3889

The entity.label parameter is now supported in the rule filter.

Issue 3921

Added an escape() method to list and var arrays, to ensure that these collections are serialized as follows @{arrayName.escape()}. The escape() method escapes commas and backslashes in each element in an array.

  options = @{countries.escape()}
  change-field = series.tags.ctyname


Issue 3897

New generic table settings:

Setting Description
auto-height Calculate row height automatically based on amount of vertical space allocated to the widget and the number of rows.
font-scale Ratio of font height to row height when auto-height is enabled. Minimum row height is 10px, maximum row height is 64px.
table-header-style Custom CSS style applied to table header, including a style to hide the header altogether.
header-style Custom CSS style applied to widget header, including a style to hide the widget header altogether.





Issue 3909

The Discard Previous Values option allows you to discard commands timestamped earlier than the time of the most recent event in the given window.

Issue 3879

Issue 3899

An example for launching a Socrata job can be found in this tutorial.

Issue 3864

Issue 3859

The generated configuration:


Issue 3901

Example portal where rows without alerts get hidden:

Issue 3792

Example of Metro class: