Monthly Change Log: January 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
3831 api-rest Bug Fixed metric series request processing if series count exceeds 1000. Added a warning message to web UI when the threshold is reached.
3825 sql Bug Removed additional rows from the result set when the VALUE {n} interpolation function is specified in a GROUP BY period clause.
3816 UI Bug Fixed ordering of timestamps on the Interval tab on the Series Statistics page. Intervals smaller than the median minus standard deviation are now not displayed.
3813 UI Bug Fixed series not found issue when displaying series with multiple tags on the Series Statistics page.
3808 metric Bug Corrected a defect where an incorrect NaN count is shown on the Series Statistics page.
3742 UI Feature Added a Text Column button to the UI Export form.
3797 sql Feature Implemented support for the ROW_NUMBER condition after the GROUP BY clause.
3796 api-network Feature Added support for the append option to concatenate text values for the same timestamp.
3795 sql Feature Implemented support for entity tags in the GROUP BY clause.
3786 statistics Bug Added the LIMIT 100 clause for pre-defined SQL query on the series statistics page.
3783 sql Bug Removed additional comma if all columns contain null (empty string).
3781 jdbc Bug Fixed empty row issue for the JDBC Driver.
3753 jdbc Bug Corrected error in handling metadata when creating a ResultSet.
3691 rule engine Feature Added functions to convert string date to a date object or to Unix time.
3680 statistics Feature Created a page to show series characteristics, such as value and interval statistics and histograms.
3756 sql Bug Tag filter for the 2nd table removes all rows in JOIN queries.
3751 api-rest Bug isEmpty() function causes parse error in the series query method.
3749 sql Bug LOCATE function raises NPE in the WHERE clause.
3748 test Support CE web tests failing.
3747 sql Feature CAST does not allow date_format.
3746 sql Feature u pattern in the date_format function.
3741 sql Bug JOIN USING entity fails to correctly merge rows with tags.
3740 api-rest Bug Series query for versioned metrics does not provide a history of text values.
3738 sql Bug Math function ABS() does not accept 2nd aggregate expressions.
3721 sql Feature LIKE comparator optimized.
3711 sql Bug Slow parsing of queries with 30+ arguments in arithmetic expressions in the SELECT clause.
3695 sql Bug GROUP BY with join fails to return records.
3661 sql Feature CAST function implemented.
3527 jdbc Bug DbVisualizer hangs after repetitive query cancellations with the ATSD JDBC driver.


Issue Category Type Subject
3481 widget-settings Feature Implemented JavaScript replacement for the Freemarker getSeries() method.
3078 widget-settings Feature Added support for new series settings exact-match and interpolate-extend.
3754 bar Bug Columns not created for series with statistic and wildcard matches.
3654 widget-settings Feature Support for meta fields in label-format.
3636 data-loading Bug Series not displayed if requested for the entity group or with the entity expression.
3143 table Bug Value and time columns of series with shorter periods are not displayed.
2928 widget-settings Feature Changed setting name from interpolate to fill-value to prevent collision.
2528 property Feature Implemented support for the column-label-format setting to transform column headers.
1926 box Feature Added mouse-over tooltip setting for Box Chart.


Issue Category Type Subject
3823 socrata Bug Added a record to the Statistics Detail page to display tasks with active downloads.
3821 socrata Bug Added Add Row Number field to add an additional metric with the name {prefix}row_number added to series commands in case the data row does not contain any numeric columns.
3820 docker Bug Fixed missing path entity tag for volumes.
3819 docker Feature Updated to construct volume label from the container label instead of the container name.
3818 socrata Feature In Test mode, added a table displaying columns from the metadata section.
3812 socrata Bug Removed http pool from the configuration tab. Now, only the dataset path is displayed.
3811 socrata Bug Fixed auto-complete defect affecting configuration form fields.
3810 socrata Bug Updated settings to support a field specified in Custom Tags and not specified in Included Fields is not sent as a metric.
3804 socrata Bug Excluded null values from custom tags or any other fields in commands for both JSON and Socrata jobs.
3803 socrata Bug Fixed issue where time fields stored as metrics.
3802 socrata Bug Corrected issues with statistics display showing inaccurate command counters.
3801 socrata Bug Handled an error caused by trailing slashes in the Path field.
3799 socrata Bug Removed form jitter.
3798 socrata Bug Updated time parser for JSON and Socrata jobs to accept the yyyyw time format.
3793 socrata Bug Added heuristics to the Socrata job.
3743 pi Feature Developed PI Server emulator for picomp2 and pipoint2 tables.
3773 sql Bug Implemented rules for numeric precedence in queries against the atsd_series table. If the query requests several metrics with different datatypes, no precision loss occurs.
3770 api-rest Bug Removed versioning tags from exactMatch comparison to prevent empty result sets when querying data for versioned metrics.
3769 sql Feature Extended the LOOKUP function to accept series, entity, and metric tags as parameters.
3768 sql Feature Extended the CONCAT function to accept numeric arguments.
3767 sql Feature Extended the CAST function to convert numbers to strings.
3764 sql Bug Fixed NullPointerException error for data requested with the series query method for a newly created metric without any data.
3763 sql Bug Updated the SELECT 1 validation query implementation to return exactly one row.
3480 api-rest Feature Added support for the text field in the series query method. The text field allows annotating numeric samples with text.
3772 Socrata Feature Created new Socrata job to query Socrata data.
3784 jdbc Feature Added the ${SPLIT_CONDITION} placeholder support in the JDBC job to allow fetching large result sets in multiple iterations.
3656 socrata Bug Refactored the Socrata job to support a dataset with more than 100,000 rows or more than 100 MB without an OutOfMemory error.
3755 docker Feature Added container size metrics for Docker containers.
3752 docker Bug Fixed issues with mis-matched volume labels by removing old records from the embedded database.
3734 docker Bug Fixed issue with stopped container status not being instantly sent into ATSD.
3733 docker Bug Eliminated table locks in the embedded database, which resulted in the collection of all statistics being stopped.

Issue 3742

Added Text Column button to the export form. By enabling this button, a text column is displayed for data exported in CSV and HTML formats.

Now, a text value can be used to annotate a numeric observation without changing the series primary key. See Issue 3480 above for more information.

Figure 1

Issue 3818

The [Test] result now includes a list of columns from the underlying dataset and information on how they are mapped into command fields. The table contains column attributes as well as the following fields:

  • Schema Type: classifies how the column is processed in ATSD commands, for example metric, series tag, time, property type, etc.
  • Included: determines if the column is included in ATSD commands or is excluded (ignored).
"columns" : [ {
    "id" : 266155015,
    "name" : "Proficient",
    "dataTypeName" : "number",
    "description" : "Number of students tested and considered proficient - meeting standard score metric associated with the grade and content.  A null value identified by SCS (small cell size) indicates redacted data to ensure privacy standards are met.",
    "fieldName" : "proficient_1",
    "position" : 7,
    "renderTypeName" : "number",
    "tableColumnId" : 23073592,
    "width" : 149,
    "cachedContents" : {
      "largest" : "1552",
      "non_null" : 57924,
      "average" : "74.43671017194945",
      "null" : 1666,
      "top" : [ {
        "item" : "0",
        "count" : 20
      }, {
        "item" : "18",
        "count" : 19
      }, {
        "item" : "54",
        "count" : 18
      }, {
        "item" : "44",
        "count" : 17
      }, {
        "item" : "12",
        "count" : 16
      }, {
        "item" : "37",
        "count" : 15
      }, {
        "item" : "39",
        "count" : 14
      }, {
        "item" : "27",
        "count" : 13
      }, {
        "item" : "32",
        "count" : 12
      }, {
        "item" : "17",
        "count" : 11
      }, {
        "item" : "9",
        "count" : 10
      }, {
        "item" : "43",
        "count" : 9
      }, {
        "item" : "47",
        "count" : 8
      }, {
        "item" : "25",
        "count" : 7
      }, {
        "item" : "24",
        "count" : 6
      }, {
        "item" : "21",
        "count" : 5
      }, {
        "item" : "15",
        "count" : 4
      }, {
        "item" : "13",
        "count" : 3
      }, {
        "item" : "90",
        "count" : 2
      }, {
        "item" : "113",
        "count" : 1
      } ],
      "smallest" : "0",
      "sum" : "4311672"
    "format" : {
      "precisionStyle" : "standard",
      "noCommas" : "false",
      "align" : "right"

Figure 3

Issue 3772

To simplify processing of JSON documents created with Open Data schema, we implemented a new Socrata job. Support for Socrata format has been removed from the JSON job as a result.

The configuration options implemented in the Socrata job allow you to convert the dataset into series, property, and message fields in ATSD.

Figure 2

Issue 3680

The series list now includes a Statistics link to characterize the selected series.

The following characteristics are available.

  • Value Statistics: provides summary statistics for values of the time series for the specified time interval. There are three tables included within this tab: Timespan, Value Statistics, and Value Percentiles. Timespan provides the dates for the first and last value of the time series and their respective values. Value Statistics provides the Count (total number of samples), NaN count (number of Not-a-Number samples), as well as the Average, Standard Deviation, and Sum of all values. Value Percentiles provides a list of the maximum and minimum values of the series, with the corresponding percentages of observations which fall beneath the specific listed value (ie 75% of all values in this series fall below 7.1).

    Figure 1

  • Interval Statistics: provides time duration statistics for values included in the specific time interval. All values are presented in two forms: as milliseconds and in a human readable format (ie, 1d 2h 3m 4s). Two tables are included in under this tab: Interval Statistics, ms and Interval Percentiles, ms. The Interval Statistics table provides a concise summary of the time characteristics of the series, including the Count (number of intervals between the samples), the average interval time, the total time range for the series (difference between last and first value), among several other points. The Interval Percentiles, ms table provides a list of the maximum and minimum time intervals of the series, with the corresponding percentages of observations which fall beneath the specific listed value (ie 99.9% of all time intervals in this series fall under 18 seconds).

    Figure 2

  • Min/Max Values: provides the 20 maximum and minimum values of the series. Included are the value, count, and first and last occurrences of these values.

    Figure 3

  • Longest Intervals: provides the maximum 20 time intervals between time series samples. Provided in milliseconds and in human readable format.

    Figure 4

  • Value Histogram: provides a breakdown of the distribution of the values within the specified series. You need to specify the Min Value, Max Value, and Interval Count fields, and then click Submit.

    Figure 5

  • Interval Histogram: provides a breakdown of the distribution of the values within the specified series. You need to specify the Min Value, Max Value, and Interval Count fields, and then click Submit.

    Figure 6

  • Series: provides links to the Metric and Entity labels. Additionally, allows the user to export the series data, open the SQL Console, and to view a Chart Lab graph showing the distribution of the data.

    Figure 7

Issue 3784

If a SQL query returns millions of rows, it can be useful to split it into multiple queries. This can be accomplished by including ${SPLIT_CONDITION} in the query text and specifying multiple split conditions, one per line.

SELECT tag, descriptor, zero, zero + span as maxvalue, engunits,
CASE WHEN step = 0 THEN 'linear' ELSE 'previous' END AS interp,
CASE WHEN pointtypex = 'float64' THEN 'double'
     WHEN pointtypex IN ('float16', 'float32') THEN 'float'
     ELSE 'long'
END AS atsd_type
FROM pipoint..pipoint2

Split Conditions:

tag LIKE 'AB%'
tag LIKE 'AC%'
tag LIKE 'DA%'
NOT (tag LIKE 'AB%' OR tag LIKE 'AC%' OR tag LIKE 'DA%')

This causes 4 queries to be executed, with first query results being filtered with tag LIKE 'AB%' condition:

SELECT tag, descriptor, zero, zero + span as maxvalue, engunits,
CASE WHEN step = 0 THEN 'linear' ELSE 'previous' END AS interp,
CASE WHEN pointtypex = 'float64' THEN 'double'
     WHEN pointtypex IN ('float16', 'float32') THEN 'float'
     ELSE 'long'
END AS atsd_type
FROM pipoint..pipoint2

The last condition is typically included to select all remaining rows other than those fetched with previous conditions.

Figure 8

Issue 2528

To reduce rename or transform multiple similar column headers with one setting, support added to the column-label-format setting for property and table widgets. For example, in order to remove a common prefix from a column label, add the following code snippet to your configuration:

column-label-format = value.replace(/^systemproperties./, "")


Figure 10

Issue 1926

On mouse over for box charts, metric names are displayed at the top of the box and the distribution of the series (minimum, maximum, count, and value percentiles) is displayed next to its respective series.


Figure 9

Issue 3756

Fixed the SQL executor to return correct results for a query containing a tag filter on a joined table ( = 'New York').

SELECT t1.datetime, count(t1.value), count(t2.value)
  FROM dmv_incidents t1
  JOIN dmv_registrations t2
WHERE t1.entity = 'mr8w-325u'
  AND = 'New York'
  AND = 'New York'
GROUP BY t1.tags, t1.period(1 year)

Issue 3751

Addressed an error for entityExpression in series query method when isEmpty() is specified with round brackets.

  "startDate": "2016-12-27T09:59:30Z",
  "endDate":   "2016-12-27T10:00:00Z",
  "entityGroup": "nmon-sub-group",
  "entityExpression": "property_values('asset::function').isEmpty()",
  "metric": "cpu_busy"

Issue 3749

Fixed the SQL parser to allow LOCATE function to be used in the WHERE clause.

SELECT sum(value)
  FROM df.disk_used
WHERE datetime > now - 1 * minute
  AND LOCATE('/', tags.file_system) > 0

Issue 3747

The CAST function now accepts output of the date_format function as the argument, for example:

SELECT date_format(time, 'eee HH') AS 'hour_in_day',
FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
  WHERE datetime >= current_week
  AND CAST(date_format(time, 'H') AS number) >= 9 AND CAST(date_format(time, 'H') AS number) < 18
GROUP BY date_format(time, 'eee HH')

Issue 3746

Updated the u pattern to return a numeric value representing the day number within a week (1 = Monday, ..., 7 = Sunday).

SELECT date_format(time, 'e'),
FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
  WHERE datetime >= previous_week
GROUP BY date_format(time, 'u')
  ORDER BY date_format(time, 'u')

Issue 3741

Rows not merged as expected for tag names with the same names but different values by JOIN USING ENTITY. For example, the same tag tag1 with different values a and b.

series d:2016-12-23T00:00:00.000Z e:e1 m:m3=1 t:tag1=a
series d:2016-12-23T00:00:00.000Z e:e1 m:m4=1 t:tag1=b
  FROM m3

Issue 3740

Fixed API processor to return the history of the text field for versioned metrics.

series e:e-vers-text d:2016-12-22T00:00:00Z x:vers-text-m=hello1
... wait, then insert again a different text value
series e:e-vers-text d:2016-12-22T00:00:00Z x:vers-text-m=hello2
  "startDate": "2016-12-20T00:00:00Z",
  "endDate":   "now",
  "entity": "*",
  "metric": "vers-text-m",
  "versioned": true
    "entity": "e-vers-text",
    "metric": "vers-text-m",
    "data": [
        "d": "2016-12-22T00:00:00.000Z",
        "v": "NaN",
        "x": "hello1",
        "version": {
          "d": "2016-12-22T14:00:37.743Z"
        "d": "2016-12-22T00:00:00.000Z",
        "v": "NaN",
        "x": "hello2",
        "version": {
          "d": "2016-12-22T14:00:42.137Z"

Issue 3738

The ABS() function produces an error when an expression is submitted:

SELECT ABS(max(value)*avg(value))
  FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
WHERE datetime > previous_minute

Issue 3721

Optimized LIKE operator to filter out series using the last insert table. The below query now provides similar performance such as for = 'Philadelphia'.

SELECT count(*)
  FROM dmv_incidents
WHERE entity = 'mr8w-325u'
  AND LIKE 'Philadelphia'

Issue 3711

Upgraded lexer to resolve slow parsing of queries such as shown below:

SELECT value+value+value+value
FROM 'testmetric'

Issue 3695

Fixed a defect with the GROUP BY and JOIN clauses to return results for the following queries:

SELECT sum(t1.value), sum(tot.value)
  FROM dmv_incidents tot
JOIN dmv_registrations t1
  WHERE tot.entity = 'mr8w-325u'
  AND = 'New York'
GROUP BY tot.period(1 year)

Issue 3661

The CAST function transforms a string into a number which can then be used in arithmetic expressions.

CAST(inputString AS Number)
SELECT datetime, value, entity, tags,
  value/CAST(LOOKUP('disk-size', concat(entity, ',', tags.file_system)) AS Number) AS 'pct_used'
FROM disk.stats.used
  WHERE datetime > current_hour

Issue 3743

Released an initial version of the PI Server emulator, which returns results for queries against the virtual picomp2 and pipoint2 tables. The emulator operates via the ATSD JDBC driver (not the PI JDBC driver).

FROM pipoint..pipoint2

Issue 3754

Columns not created for series with a statistic and wildcard match: ChartLab

Issue 3654

Added support for meta fields in label-format (and series tooltips) to ensure that that meta.metric.tag and meta.entity.tag can be replaced with metadata values, loaded from the server.

Refer to Meta Data for more information about using these placeholders.


Issue 3636

Updated charts to display series if requested for an entity group or with an entity expression: ChartLab

Issue 3143

Fixed an issue which caused the value and time columns of series with shorter period to not be displayed: ChartLab