Monthly Change Log: July 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4419 sql Bug IndexOutOfBoundsException fixed in queries that referred to a non-existent metric.
4417 sql Bug Fixed a NullPointerException if all columns selected for a new metric without any samples.
4416 api-network Feature Invalid Action (a) string field added to the metric command
4409 export Bug Added metrics.unit to the list of fields in the backup XML files.
4400 sql Bug Fixed illegal syntax error when querying table names containing dots.
4398 UI Feature Refactored the Metrics tab to improve usability.
4359 forecast Bug Fixed a Forecast calculation error if the settings specify an calendar keyword in the future.
4390 sql Bug Fixed CAST conversion error with the built-in time column.
4375 sql Feature Added support for CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and DBTIMEZONE functions.
4360 forecast Feature Added support for additional aggregation functions in forecast settings: AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM, COUNT.
4352 SQL Feature Standardized the list of columns for wildcard SELECT * expressions.
4350 SQL Bug Metadata titles field now contains column labels instead of column names. JDBC driver compatibility is v.1.3.+.
4347 Search Feature Full search re-indexing can be scheduled separately from incremental (delta) re-indexing.
4346 JDBC Feature Database and ResultSet metadata standardized JDBC driver for compatibility.
4344 SQL Bug Remove unnecessary quotes from CSV files produced with the SQL Console export option.
4343 JDBC Feature assignColumnNames=true|false setting added to control the behavior of getColumnName() and getColumnLabel() methods in the JDBC driver.
4335 sql Feature Optimize metadata queries with a false condition, for example WHERE 1=0. The queries are used by some BI tools (Tableau) to retrieve column information.
4331 UI Feature Implement right-to-left Text Direction layout for Arabic and Hebrew languages.
4327 search Feature Implement Synonym Search.
4327a search Feature Implement Series Search.
4313 export Bug Modify Excel files produced by ATSD to increase compatibility with analytics tools such as IBM SPSS.
4312 sql Bug Fix a NullPointerException in the SQL Console when results contain NULL values.
4320 Search Feature Live search added to ATSD to quickly find series with metadata queries.
4226 SQL Feature Support added for COALESCE function.
4117 SQL Bug Fixed a defect with some metric columns not accessible in WHERE/HAVING filters, for example WHERE metric.units = 'Celcius'.
3888 SQL Bug Fixed a defect with some entity columns not accessible in WHERE/HAVING filters, for example WHERE entity.label = 'SVL'.
4286 sql Feature Formalize boolean logic in SQL queries.
4403 sql Bug Added syntax validation for the IN clause to require enclosing within round brackets.
4377 sql Feature Add support for selecting all columns in inline views.
4361 sql Feature Add support for compressed CSV files in scheduled SQL query export
3918 api-rest Bug Replace last=true with limit=1 in Series Get method.

Issue 4416

metric Command Syntax:

metric m:{metric} b:{enabled} p:{data-type} l:{label} d:{description} i:{interpolate} u:{units} f:{filter} z:{timezone} v:{versioning} a:{invalid_action} min:{minimum_value} max:{maximum_value} t:{tag-1}={text} t:{tag-2}={text}

Issue 4403

This query causes an error:

SELECT * FROM jvm_memory_used
  WHERE value IN 169328488
  AND datetime > NOW - 10*HOUR

The correct syntax is to use round brackets:

SELECT * FROM jvm_memory_used
  WHERE value IN (169328488)
  AND datetime > NOW - 10*HOUR
  ### Issue 4398

Issue 4398

Feature Details:

  • Flexible search expression
  • Tag sets to display common sets of metric tags
  • State stored in cookies
  • Button toolbar simplified

Issue 4375

The CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function returns current database date and time in ISO format similar to the NOW function which returns current database time as Unix time in milliseconds.

The DBTIMEZONE function returns the current database time zone name or GMT offset.

Issue 4360

A custom aggregation function such as MAX can now be selected in Forecast settings. Previously only supported AVG function. Aggregation functions are applied to regularize the underlying time series prior to applying Holt-Winters or ARIMA algorithms.


Averages the values during a period.


Displays the maximum value during a period.


Displays the minimum value during a period.


Sums the values during a period.


Displays the number of samples for a period.

Issue 4331

Issue 4327a

Issue 4286

Truth Tables for Logical Operators:

Table 1.1

X Not X
true false
false true

Table 1.2

X Y X and Y X or Y
true true true true
true false false true
false false false false
true NULL NULL true
false NULL false NULL

Issue 4377

Add support for selecting all columns with an asterisk (*) symbol in inline views:

SELECT TableauSQL.datetime AS datetime,
  TableauSQL.value AS value
FROM ( SELECT * FROM table_size ) TableauSQL
  LIMIT 10

Issue 4361

Compression for CSV report files can be selected on the SQL > Scheduled Queries page.

Issue 3918

last=true is replaced with limit=1 and direction=DESC.

  "startDate": "2017-02-28T19:00:00Z",
  "endDate":   "2017-02-28T20:00:00Z",
  "entity": "nurswgvml007",
  "metric": "cpu_busy",
  "limit": 1

Issue 4320

Live Search Search

Issue 4226

The COALESCE function returns the first argument that is not NULL or NaN.