Monthly Change Log: June 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4311 sql Feature Enable Excel export in the SQL Console
4291 jdbc Feature Add JDBC driver property to expose user-defined tables in database metadata.
4284 core Feature Collect aggregate data table size metrics.
4259 sql Bug Return a meaningful error if the WHERE clause does not select metrics as expected from the reserved atsd_series table.
4139 installation Feature Add yum installer option --prefix to override the default installation directory
4035 sql Bug Fix NULL value returned in metric.lastInsertTime field for newly inserted metrics.
4287 UI Bug Enable syntax highlighting for extended SQL keywords.
4282 UI Bug Statistics page link does not generate a valid SQL query for metrics with tags.
4275 security Bug Enforce logout for the deleted user .
4273 UI Bug User Interface More link drop-down replaced with icons.
4268 core Support Java 8 startup validation added.
4264 rule editor Bug Unable to set schedule in the Rule Editor.
4256 statistics Bug Invalid interval gap displayed on series statistics page.
4249 core Bug Prevent deletions of column families on restart, if the column family is not described in new schema.
4243 administrator Feature Add new object types to backup: Replacement Tables, Named Collections, Users, User Groups, Entities.
4237 UI Bug Modify standard tooltips to bootstrap tooltips.
4236 sql Bug Resolved error when using JOIN and INTERPOLATE(DETAIL) clauses together.
4224 sql Bug Fixed a bug which caused the datetime column to be rendered in milliseconds when referenced by the CONCAT function.
4199 administrator Bug Fixed a bug which failed to update HOSTNAME and server URL in Settings > Server Properties at runtime.
4163 UI Feature Several enhancements to the web interface: tooltips, column visibility, icons, auto-completes.
4144 rule engine Feature Add a page displaying all active email subscribers in the Rule Engine.
4107 UI Bug Layout of several forms refactored to adhere to the latest guidelines.
3900 UI Bug Fixed an issue with message counter chart failing to render on timespan change.
4233 sql Bug CONCAT function fails when one of the arguments is an ISO format date.
4225 sql Feature Allow datetime column without table qualifier in JOIN queries.
4221 sql Bug ISNULL(t1.datetime, t2.datetime) function returns time in milliseconds for string data types.
4217 sql Bug Incorrect INNER-mode interpolation with multiple interval conditions.
4203 rule engine Feature Replace custom logger in Rule Engine with logback appenders.
4157 sql Bug Incorrect result from OUTER JOIN USING ENTITY clause.
4089 sql Feature JOIN clause is now supported against the reserved atsd_series table.
4084 api-network Bug OoM Error on a large number of commands sent to /api/v1/command API method.
3556 UI Feature Add Text field to Data Entry form.
4262 UI Bug Support for calendar expressions added to Rule Editor > Test tab.
4260 sql Bug Corrected ROUND function error with NaN values.
4258 sql Bug Fixed an error that occurred when using non-overlapping interval conditions from different metrics.
4247 sql Feature NaN comparison logic changed. NaN is compared similar to NULL.
4231 sql Bug Fixed an error that occurred when trying to compare date_format with date string.
4192 client Feature Enable support for GZIP compression in ATSD Java API client.
4187 UI Feature Add support for SQL syntax themes.
4166 UI Feature Apply user-defined Time Format to date_format function results in the SQL Console.
4129 sql Bug Disallow non-positive period in PERIOD and INTERPOLATE.
4121 sql Bug ORDER BY clause cannot reference non-grouped columns.
3838 sql Feature Add support for column aliases in ORDER BY clause.

Issue 4243

Settings > Diagnostics > Backup, daily .xml backups made for the following object types:

  • Replacement Tables
  • Named Collections
  • Users
  • User Groups (with membership)
  • Entities (with entity tags, and non-default settings)


Issue 3556

Text field added to Metrics > Data Entry form.


Issue 4273


Issue 4247

Compare NaN values similar to NULL.


Issue 4187


Issue 4166

Apply user-applied date format on the SQL Console.


Issue 4163

Settings > Server Properties page. Modified to display differences between actual and default property values:


Settings > System Information, table headers added to web interface:


Portals tab, View button allows viewing of the Portal during configuration.


Remember Me tooltip added:


Settings > Users. ROLE_ prefix removed:


Detailed columns removed from the Entities tab.

Alerts, second precision added to date column, ACKNOWLEDGE column shortened to ACK:


Messages, Millisecond precision added to date column.

Issue 4144

Alerts > Rules


Subscribers button displays all email subscribers.