Monthly Change Log: May 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4222 export Bug Optimize export scan by adding entity to the scan filter.
4219 UI Bug Add series tags to SQL queries generated on the Series Statistics page.
4216 api-rest Bug Fix OutOfMemory error by applying limit on the server for /api/v1/messages/query method.
4214 api-rest Feature Enable support for GZIP compression of the payload in /api/v1/command method.
4212 data-in Bug Fix Number Format Exception in ChannelHandler.
4211 sql Bug Error when evaluating interval condition if end date is earlier than '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'.
4208 data-in Bug Clear long command buffer if disconnect on error is disabled.
4207 core Bug Add missing HOST tags to all internal ATSD metrics.
4205 UI Bug Refresh replacement table cache after the table is modified. The cache is used in SQL queries to replace field values similar to a lookup table or a dictionary.
4202 csv Bug Consolidate error log events when parsing CSV files for simplified troubleshooting.
4196 api-network Feature Enable support for GZIP compression in /api/v1/command method.
4191 UI Bug Clone button in the scheduled SQL configuration fails to redirect to the new configuration.
4189 sql Bug Fix LIKE comparator when comparing tags using wildcards.
4184 core Feature Add support for comments (hash symbol) in replacement tables.
4183 sql Bug Fixed an NullPointerException caused by empty output path in scheduled SQL queries.
4176 UI Bug Fixed a paging issue on Entities page.
4174 csv Support Ensure compatibility of schema-based browsers with Java 8.
4172 rule engine Bug Fixed broken rendering of the Alerts History detail page.
4166 UI Feature Apply user-defined time format to datetime column in the SQL Console.
4165 UI Feature Extend SQL syntax highlighter with extended ATSD keywords.
4159 UI Bug Removed unused sorting option on the Settings > System Information page.
4156 sql Bug Ensure email delivery in case of file write errors in scheduled SQL queries.
4149 sql Bug Fixed a self-join exception that occurred when using the metrics() function
4131 Test Bug Fixed an error caused by ignoring Daylight Savings Time when using a GROUP BY PERIOD clause with a user-defined time zone.
4130 sql Bug Fixed an error causing the display of duplicate rows when performing aggregation without grouping.
4112 sql Bug Fixed ISNULL function evaluation that ignored the first condition unless another condition is present in the WHERE clause.
4105 sql Bug Fixed an error causing missing rows in sub-queries containing the WHERE condition.
4097 UI Bug Fixed a concurrency problem causing multiple queries to be stopped with a single cancel request.
4146 sql Feature Modified GROUP BY PERIOD processing to include all samples within the period.
4140 UI Feature Replace named links with drop-down lists in record tables.
3838 sql Feature Add support for column aliases in the ORDER BY clause.
4182 sql Bug Fix parsing error when CAST function is used within ISNULL function with a string argument: CAST(ISNULL(LOOKUP('tab-1', entity), '0') AS NUMBER).
4179 sql Feature Add an option to exclude queries from the SQL query statistics page using ! as the negation symbol.
4178 export Bug Fixed a bug with email notifications when Output Path is not specified.
4175 sql Bug Incorrect period start calculated for YEAR period and END_TIME alignment.
4169 rule engine Bug Fix FileNotFoundException when /tmp/atsd/alert.log is removed by the operating system.
4161 sql Bug Apply syntax highlighting prior to displaying the result set in the SQL Console.
4132 collectd Feature Force collectd to use a short hostname instead of a Fully Qualified Domain Name when FQDN is localhost.
4115 UI Bug Fix localization issue with submit buttons without the value attribute.
4195 sql Bug Fix exception when multiple conditions are enclosed in parentheses.
4181 sql Bug Fixed an interpolation error is start date is '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z'.
4152 sql Bug Failure to parse complex metric condition in atsd_series syntax: (metric LIKE 'tv6.pack*' OR metric LIKE 'tv6.ela*').
3834 UI Feature Client-side formatting on series statistics page.


Issue Category Type Subject
4154 docker Bug Fixed an async exception that listens for Docker events.
4151 docker Bug Fixed data gap when ATSD is temporarily down.


Issue Category Type Subject
4153 box Bug Fixed an auto-scaling error for aggregated series in the Box Chart.
4124 refactoring Bug Optimize series-labels rendering.

Issue 4196

Sample curl command:

curl -k -X POST --data-binary @command.txt.gz \
  http://atsd_hostname:8443/api/v1/command \
  --header "Content-Encoding:gzip" \
  --header "Content-Type:text/plain;charset=UTF-8"

Issue 4184


Issue 4166

SELECT datetime, date_format(time), date_format(time, 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss z')
  FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
  WHERE entity = 'nurswgvml007'
  AND datetime > current_hour


Issue 4153

Application of the statistic command yielded incorrect displays for the entity = * fields under particular [series] clusters which can be viewed in ChartLab.

Issue 4146

SELECT datetime, avg(value), count(value)
  FROM mpstat.cpu_busy
WHERE datetime >= '2017-05-01T00:05:00Z' AND datetime < '2017-05-02T00:00:00Z'

The period starting at '2017-05-01T00:00:00Z' is now included even though it starts earlier than the selection interval start time '2017-05-01T00:05:00Z'.

| datetime             | avg(value) | count(value) |
| 2017-05-01T00:00:00Z | 1          | 1            | <-- included
| 2017-05-01T01:00:00Z | 3          | 3            |
| 2017-05-01T02:00:00Z | 5          | 1            |

Issue 4140


These links have been compressed to a drop-down list, as shown below:


Issue 4179

In SQL > Query Statistics:


Using an exclamation point in the Query Text search bar hides results that include the indicated text, in this case !SELECT 1 hides results which include SELECT 1 in the query text, as shown below:


Issue 3834

Modifying these fields no longer requires performing the query a second time.