Monthly Change Log: November 2017


Issue Category Type Subject
4745 rule engine Feature Implement matchList function to simplify name collection checks.
4745 rule engine Bug Skip variable replacement in logging messages if rule logging is disabled.
4734 rule engine Bug The screenshot portal must include functions specified in user variables.
4732 administrator Feature Compress backup XML files to gz format to save local disk space.
4730 rest api Feature Add support for addMeta parameter in series method.
4724 rule engine Feature Implement functions to access status of another rule for correlation purposes.
4715 rest api Feature Implement series tags method to retrieve unique tag values.
4713 rest api Bug Include entity and metric metadata in series queries for FORECAST datatype.
4710 rule engine Feature Include alert screenshots as inline images instead of attachments.
4704 rule engine Feature Customize charts used in alert screenshots to display aggregation functions referenced in the rule expression.
4599 security Feature Add support for user IP access restrictions.
4718 data-api Feature Add support for additional percentile functions in the series query method:
PERCENTILE_25 = 25% percentile
PERCENTILE_10 = 10% percentile
PERCENTILE_5 = 5% percentile
PERCENTILE_1 = 1% percentile
PERCENTILE_05 = 0.5% percentile
PERCENTILE_01 = 0.1% percentile.
Note that this syntax is deprecated with PERCENTILE(n).
4714 data-api Bug Fix error when the series query request includes two queries with aggregations using different periods.
4709 portal Support Upgrade the built-in portals to the latest syntax by removing Freemarker functions where possible.
4708 sql Bug LIMIT clause not applied correctly with ORDER BY datetime DESC.
4707 UI Feature Multiple web interface enhancements.
4706 install Feature Add support for JVM environment variables in the ATSD Docker image.
4675 rule-engine Feature Attach charts to email notifications.
4694 sql Bug Storing results into new series fails for new metric/entity if Check Last Time is enabled.
4693 installation Bug Fix failing HBase shell tests by increasing a timeout for the last test.
4692 rule-engine Bug Import of an existing rule with a webhook breaks the current rule with the same name.
4687 api-rest Feature Added support for wildcards when requesting metric/entity tags.
4686 UI Feature Tag templates: added support for Entity Link field type.
4685 core Bug Entity group built with the hasMetric(name, hours) function is empty after the scheduled update.
4684 UI Feature Entity group editor refactored.
4665 client Feature Python API client models and utility classes refactored.
4652 UI Feature New top menu implemented.
4658 UI Feature Redesign icon drop-down list in the entity view editor.
4600 security Feature Stored login history.
4585 UI Feature Multiple layout enhancements.
3269 sql Feature LIMIT n optimization for descending date queries.
4588 sql Feature Allow referencing the entity column in the atsd_series metric filter.


Issue Category Type Subject
4699 core Bug Prevent duplicate series from being displayed when creating derived series from wildcard series.
4611 bar Feature Add support for multiple-column setting.
4683 external Feature Update client adapter for external JavaScript libraries.
4690 widgets Feature Speed up series filtering in dependent charts.
4678 api Feature Upgrade JavaScript adapter for external charting libraries.
4630 api Feature Implement previous() function.


Issue Category Type Subject
4740 docker Bug Container entity tags are missing if storage driver is not properly configured on collector startup.
4703 docker Bug Collector CPU gets abnormally high when multiple Docker jobs are running.
4695 docker Bug Docker job hangs when multiple Docker jobs are running.
4720 docker Bug Increase Docker API request timeout from 3 to 10 seconds to eliminate errors when the container properties are requested with size option.
4696 core Bug Update the built-in ATSD JDBC driver URL definition according the url schema.
4677 docker Bug Delete stale records for deleted containers from the embedded database.
4674 jdbc Bug Fix incorrect ATSD JDBC driver URL.
4673 docker Bug Prevent docker.sum.diskio.ioservicebytes.write metric overflow.

Issue 4745

The matchList functions is a less verbose alternative to likeAny function.

matchList(tags.request_ip, 'ip_white_list')

likeAny(tags.request_ip, collection('ip_white_list'))

Issue 4734

Issue 4730

Support for addMeta parameter added to the series method.

  "metric": "gc_time_percent",
  "entity": "atsd",
  "tags": {
    "collector": "Copy",
    "host": "NURSWGVML007"
  "lastInsertDate": "2017-11-24T16:05:26.945Z",
  "meta": {
    "metric": {
      "name": "gc_time_percent",
      "enabled": true,
      "dataType": "FLOAT",
      "persistent": true,
      "tags": {},
      "timePrecision": "MILLISECONDS",
      "retentionDays": 0,
      "seriesRetentionDays": 0,
      "invalidAction": "NONE",
      "versioned": false,
      "interpolate": "LINEAR"
    "entity": {
      "name": "atsd",
      "enabled": true,
      "tags": {
        "test": "test",
        "testkey": "testvalue"

Issue 4724

Rule functions check the status of windows created by other rules.

The rule_open function checks if there is at least one window with the OPEN or REPEAT status for the specified rule.

rule_open(S ruleName)

// example
avg() > 10 && rule_open('disk_used_check')

The rule_window function returns the first matching window for the specified rule.

rule_window(S ruleName)
// example
avg() > 10 && rule_window('disk_used_check') != null && rule_window('disk_used_check').status != 'CANCEL'

Issue 4715

The series tags method returns unique series tags values for the specified metric.

  "file_system": ["/dev/mapper/vg_nurswgvml006-lv_root", "/dev/sdb1"],
  "mount_point": ["/", "/media/datadrive"]

Issue 4710

The inline screenshots are positioned after the message content and before the message footer.

Issue 4599

The Allowed IPs field enables specifying a list of addresses or address ranges in CIDR format from which the user is allowed to access the database.

The checks are enforced to requests made over the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are supported.

Issue 4718

    "startDate": "2017-11-17T14:00:00Z",
    "endDate":   "2017-11-17T15:00:00Z",
    "entity": "nurswgvml007",
    "metric": "cpu_busy",
    "aggregate": {
      "period": { "count": 5, "unit": "MINUTE"},
      "types": ["MEDIAN", "PERCENTILE(5)"]

Issue 4714

    "startDate": "2017-11-17T14:00:00Z",
    "endDate":   "2017-11-17T15:00:00Z",
    "entity": "nurswgvml007",
    "metric": "cpu_busy",
    "aggregate": {
      "period": { "count": 15, "unit": "MINUTE"},
      "type": "MAX"
    "startDate": "2017-11-17T14:00:00Z",
    "endDate":   "2017-11-17T15:00:00Z",
    "entity": "nurswgvml007",
    "metric": "cpu_busy",
    "aggregate": {
      "period": { "count": 1, "unit": "MINUTE"},
      "type": "MAX"

Issue 4708

The query with ORDER BY datetime DESC LIMIT n only returns 1 record instead of n.

SELECT datetime, value,, tags.state,
  FROM "cdc.pneumonia_and_influenza_cases"
WHERE = 'Boston'
  ORDER BY datetime DESC

Issue 4707

  • Add group action to the Settings > Users page to Enable/Disable multiple users at once.
  • Implement a consistent style to highlight fields with tooltips.
  • Auto-size sub-menu panels in the top menu.

Issue 4706

New environmental variables:

Name Required Description
JAVA_OPTS No Additional arguments to be passed to ATSD JVM process.
HADOOP_OPTS No Additional arguments to be passed to Hadoop/HDFS JVM processes.
HBASE_OPTS No Additional arguments to be passed to HBase JVM processes.

Issue 4687

The tags parameter in Entity Group: Get Entities, Entities: List, Metrics: List now accepts wildcards to control the list of tags in the response.

  • Retrieve members of the docker-images group. Add entity tags that begin with env. to the response.

Issue 4686

The Entity Link field resolves the tag value to an entity and displays a link the entity editor. The tooltip displays the entity label, if available.

Issue 4684

  • The new Author field is automatically pre-filled with the name of the current user to coordinate group management in large organizations.

  • The member type options renamed with a new status message.

Issue 4652

  • Navigation flow changed from top/down to left/right.

  • Collapse mode minimizes the amount of space required for top menu links.

  • Links are grouped based on the function instead of the user role.

  • Portals can be easily accessed from the top toolbar.

  • Entity views can be added to the top menu with a custom icon.

Issue 4675

Email notifications can include screenshots of the underlying metric captured using the built-in portal.

Issue 4658

Entity view can be added to the top menu with a custom icon.

Issue 4600

Successful user authentication requests are stored in the database and can be reviewed by administrators to identify idle accounts and to measure user activity.

Issue 4585

  • Add new columns to summary tables.
  • Add form validations.
  • Highlight important settings.
  • Add an option to clone user accounts.
  • Add toggle between tag labels and names in the Entity Editor and Metric Editor.
  • Replace fonts.
  • Standardize spacing between buttons.
  • Adjust layout on the user authorization page.

Issue 3269

Speed up SQL queries that select more than one row with descending datetime order.

  FROM cpu_busy

Issue 4588

The metric filter in atsd_series queries can now accept entity column as part of the filter:

SELECT metric, entity, tags, date_format(MAX(time)) as "max_time"
  FROM atsd_series
WHERE datetime >= NOW - 14*DAY -- condition to select series with last insert date within the last 14 days
  AND ( metric = 'disk_used' AND entity IN ('nurswgvml006', 'nurswgvml007', 'nurswgvml010', 'nurswgvml502')
     OR metric = 'cpu_user'  AND entity IN ('nurswgvml010', 'nurswgvml502')
     OR metric = 'cpu_busy'  AND entity = 'nurswgvml006'
GROUP BY metric, entity, tags
  HAVING MAX(time) < NOW - 24 * HOUR -- condition to exclude series that have recent data

Issue 4611

The multiple-column setting is applicable to wildcard configurations in bar widgets.

If the settings is set to true, series with the same entity and tags are added to the same column.

This applies to derived series which is placed into the same column along with the underlying series.

  type = bar
  group = label-format
  hide-empty-columns = true
  column-label-format = tags.mount_point

    mount_point = *
    file_system = *

    multiple-column = true
    label = Used
    alias = used
    metric = disk_used
    color = green
    label = Size
    alias = size
    metric = disk_size
    color = orange
    display = false
    label = Free
    value = value("size") - value("used")
    color = grey