Monthly Change Log: April 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5277 installation Bug Auto-enable imported rules in ATSD sandbox by default.
5269 api-rest Bug Stale status displayed for an outgoing webhook failing due to SocketTimeoutException.
5267 rule engine Bug Add context information for outgoing webhook errors.
5260 rule engine Bug Remove default port from header in outgoing HTTP requests.
5256 security Bug Security Incidents page not displaying the latest incidents.
5254 api-rest Bug Return errors in JSON format in webhook method.
5253 security Bug Fix credentials error in newly created webhook.
5252 security Feature Path column added to table on the Settings > Diagnostics > Security Incidents page.
5250 rule engine Bug Some errors not displayed in the rule engine.
5249 rule engine Bug AWS API webhook configuration not cloned.
5247 rule engine Bug Validation error when trying to rename cloned webhook configuration.
5246 rule engine Bug flattenJson function must ignore empty arrays.
5240 rule engine Bug db_last function fails to load records older than 1 hour.
5237 rule engine Feature Add support for multi-line expressions in the rule editor.
5236 rule engine Bug Log error when records are not found by db_last and db_statistic functions.
5229 api-rest Bug GENERAL_ERROR not displayed in Settings > Diagnostics > Security Incidents for unauthorized user.
5228 UI Feature User and Method columns added to the incoming webhook page on Settings > Diagnostics > Webhook Requests.
5224 sql Bug Scheduled SQL query with store option causes NumberFormatException on NaN value.
5223 rule engine Feature Implement jsonToMaps function to converts string lists to a collection of maps.
5221 security Feature Implement a form to create and install a self-signed certificate.
5218 sql Feature Support configurable limit for LIKE filter in atsd_series queries.
5217 rule engine Feature Simplify Slack webhook configuration.
5214 UI Bug Display warning if user attempts to create user which already exists.
5213 rule engine Feature Accept collections in LIKE operator.
5208 api-rest Bug Wildcards in tags ignored in the metric list method when entity is specified.
5200 rule engine Feature Implement Web Query Functions to query external web services.
5198 UI Feature Automatically generate passwords in Webhook User and Collector User wizards.
5197 api-rest Feature Incoming webhook: default parameters simplified.
5195 security Bug Server error raised when uploading SSL certificate.
5193 forecast Bug Forecast Calendar form errors.
5188 core Bug JsonFactory objects moved to JsonUtil class for performance enhancement.
5185 entity Bug Fix NullPointerException raised during entity group synchronization on non-existent entity.
5184 portal Bug Fix error raised when new portal is created.
5183 forecast Bug Fix server error when using manually defined algorithm parameters in forecasts.
5182 core Bug Text value not logged in command_discarded.log.
5181 rule editor Bug Simplify Telegram webhook configuration.
5179 UI Bug New User Group members and permissions not saved.
5177 search Feature Make the directory used for temporary search index files configurable.
5175 api-rest Bug Correct incoming webhook processing error.
5162 rule editor Bug Unable to customize On Cancel trigger for webhooks.
5161 backup Bug Refer to exported portals by name instead of id in XML files.
5157 administrator Bug Standardize line breaks when storing configuration files.
5156 installation Bug Fix non-printable characters in start script.


Issue Category Type Subject
5232 data-source Feature Upgrade JDBC drivers.
5230 jdbc Bug JDBC Job does not work properly in test mode.
5212 xml Bug Server error raised when importing job XML file.
5199 jdbc Feature Add support for ${HOST} placeholder.