Monthly Change Log: August 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5651 rule engine Bug Validator ignores property functions and derived commands.
5649 installation Feature Validate installation on Ubuntu 18.04.
5641 rule editor Feature Add View Alert Log links to Logging tab.
5640 rule engine Feature Serialize Alert History record as map in the details table.
5639 rule engine Feature Add context to script execution log.
5629 rule engine Feature Modify the default map-to-string serialization format.
5628 rule engine Bug Validator fails to check metric name specified in the value() function.
5627 rule editor Bug Incompatible numeric type error.
5625 rule engine Feature Modify db_message_last function to return an empty object if no records are found.
5624 rule engine Feature Display type and source instead of metric for non-series rules on the rule list page.
5621 rule engine Feature Implement search on the rule list page.
5619 UI Feature Optimize Incoming Webhook detail page layout.
5618 rule engine Feature Do not evaluate user variables unless needed (lazy mode).
5616 rule editor Bug Validator incorrectly rejects entityLink variable.
5615 rule engine Bug last_open() function overloads the database.
5614 rule engine Bug NullPointerException encountered during rule test if Load History is enabled.
5611 rule engine Bug Exception raised when saving alert history for newly created entity.
5609 rule engine Bug Set command_first_time field to empty string if the window is empty.
5607 sql Bug Incorrect metadata returned by the /api/sql endpoint if the column alias contains line breaks.
5604 rule engine Bug Alert history not logged if message text is empty.
5603 rule editor Bug Standardize button style and placements in the rule editor.
5602 rule editor Bug Logging status is incorrectly shown as Disabled.
5601 rule engine Bug Correctly initialize now object in the filter log.
5599 rule engine Bug Validate email addresses in Email Action.
5598 rule engine Bug Type and source filters are lost when rule is cloned.
5597 rule engine Feature Add details to rule windows with CANCEL status.
5596 csv Bug CSV Parser: empty line in the middle causes issues for fixed width parser.
5594 rule engine Feature Make time zone and date pattern optional in date_format function.
5593 rule engine Feature Validate patterns specified in date format and date parse functions.
5590 export Bug Export page: gracefully handle client disconnect.
5587 api-rest Bug Data API: Series Query with small limit and time=all is slow.
5584 api-rest Bug Data API: Property Query with limit is slow.
5580 rule engine Bug Validator incorrectly highlights failing variables.
5579 sql Feature Add time zone support to MINUTE() function.
5577 rule engine Bug IN operator fails to work on string function result.
5575 api-rest Feature Data API: Series Query - implement smooth transformation.
5573 rule editor Feature Implement response action logging.
5572 message Feature Data API: add support for type and source fields in expression.
5568 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: List files without executable permissions in the Scripts drop-down.
5567 client Feature Python client: disable default logging.
5565 core Feature Backup configuration resources.
5563 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: add validation for function arguments.
5562 core Bug Core: Login page raises 500 error.
5561 entity_views Feature Entity Group: inherit entity views from parent group.
5559 rule editor Feature Highlight missing placeholders.
5558 rule editor Bug Validate Entity Name Filter.
5557 rule engine Bug Entity comparison must be case-insensitive in Filter.
5556 entity_views Feature Entity View portal: add server-aggregate=true to the multi-entity portal.
5554 security Bug Add LDAP switch to the Resource Viewer User wizard.
5553 sql Feature Add support for optional custom time zone in EXTRACT date functions.
5548 rule engine Feature Implement DateTime to_timezone function.
5547 UI Feature Rule Editor: add alert on page exit with unsaved changes in Firefox.
5546 client Feature Python client: set user-agent in api requests.
5545 core Feature Modify Server header in HTTP responses.
5544 api-rest Bug Series Query: invalid JSON returned.
5543 entity Bug Entity Group: implement hasProperty function.
5542 sql Feature Implement WITH TIMEZONE clause to override the default server time zone applied to query.
5541 entity Feature Entity Group: refactor form layout.
5540 entity Bug Entity Group: cannot delete a group.
5539 core Bug Resolve date format inconsistencies.
5538 api-rest Bug REST API: Entity Group update method returns incorrect results.
5537 UI Bug UI: user editor fields are erroneously auto-completed in Firefox.
5535 entity Bug Entity Group: wrong entities included.
5534 security Feature Users: Implement Create Resource Viewer User wizard.
5533 metric Bug Metric Search: implement search by all criteria fields.
5531 rule engine Bug 500 error raised on alert status change.
5530 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: details table unavailable.
5527 UI Feature Implement a more compact drop-down list on several pages.
5524 entity Feature Entity Group: implement parent groups.
5523 entity_views Feature Entity View: support for multiple entity groups.
5522 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: DictionaryNotFound exception logged if tags autocomplete used in rules with message or property datatype.
5517 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Implement DateTime.add function.
5497 rule engine Bug property command sent from Data Entry form is not processed in rule engine.
5496 message Bug Message collision: add hash to row key to eliminate collision between records.
5494 sql Feature Add support for boolean functions in WHERE and HAVING clauses.
5492 sql Feature Implement calendar arithmetic for time and datetime column values.
5490 sql Bug ClassCastException in SQL query.
5482 versioning Bug Versioning: attempt to insert versioned value for a non-versioned metric must cause a validation error.
5478 client Feature Python client: migrate to Python version 3.
5467 administrator Feature Implement UI download for HBase/HDFS log files.
5466 sql Feature Implement is_workday function to check if the date is a working day in a given country.
5448 rule engine Feature Implement last_open() function to retrieve status changes.
5415 client Feature ATSD API JAVA client: set User-Agent header.
5173 core Bug Code style: Replace Calendar usage with JSR-310 API.
5038 rule engine Feature Rule Editor: implement Filter Log page.
4814 sql Bug Fix interpolation PREVIOUS with fill=false.
4560 UI Feature UI: entity search by last insert date.


Issue Category Type Subject
5588 widget-settings Feature Add smoothing settings.


Issue Category Type Subject
5560 UI Feature UI: Database form improvements.
5529 core Bug Core: Retrieve ATSD version through ATSD API JAVA client.
5525 core Feature Core: set custom User-Agent header for request sent by the ATSD API JAVA client.
5416 UI Bug UI: After login collector redirects to favicon image.
5148 core Feature Send failure percentage as message tag on PARTIAL_FAILURE.
5131 core Bug Duplicate storage driver created on container restart.