Monthly Change Log: December 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5805 sql bug SQL: PERCENTILE accepts invalid input in case of decimal metric.
5777 forecast bug Series Query: timestamps misaligned in forecast.
5778 forecast bug Series Query: PCA forecast script error.
5807 core bug Core: Invalid datetime parsing for 2-digit year without separator.
5808 api-rest bug Alerts Query: entity match needs to be case-insensitive.
5810 sql feature SQL: implement inclusive/exclusive comparison for BETWEEN operator.
5792 sql feature SQL: implement RANK and DENSE_RANK analytic function.
5789 sql feature SQL: implement offset and default for LAG and LEAD functions.
5736 sql bug SQL: precision loss in integer arithmetic.
5086 sql feature SQL: endtime calculations to align with CALENDAR.
5819 license bug License: previous licenses ignored on ATSD restart.
5821 license bug License: add new fields to licence request and version check.
5822 sql feature SQL: implement aliases for FIRST (FIRST_VALUE) and LAST(LAST_VALUE) functions.
5824 statistics bug SQL PERCENTILE: allow 0-percentile.
5825 sql feature SQL: implement MEDIAN_ABS_DEV aggregation function.
5817 forecast bug Forecasts: remove malformed leading samples from Holt-Winters reconstructed series.
5818 api-rest feature Series Query: median absolute deviation MAD aggregator.
5816 forecast bug Forecasts: abnormal starting values in ARIMA and Holt-Winters reconstructed series.
5811 sql bug SQL console: datetime column in atsd_interval table is not formatted.
5762 core feature Stored interval functionality.
5812 core bug Workday Calendar: Update calendars for year 2019.


Issue Category Type Subject
5814 forecast bug Forecasts: multiple issues.
5791 widget-settings bug Widget settings: 100 percentile is incorrectly processed.
5794 calendar feature Calendar: data-labels.