Monthly Change Log: February 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5047 rule engine Bug CANCEL window does not display user variables.
5044 security Feature User permissions page: add group-level details.
5041 rule engine Bug Telegram does not support <br> when parse_mode is html.
5040 rule engine Bug Entity non-grouped rule windows are missing.
5039 rule engine Feature Modify convert function unit processing, implement formatBytes function.
5036 administrator Feature Restore multiple record types from archived XML backup files.
5034 data-in Feature Internal timer metrics.
5033 rule engine Bug db_statistic function: use adjusted current time during Test.
5030 rule engine Bug Fix Telegram webhook timeouts.
5028 rule engine Bug Illegal entity name (empty string) registered from derived messages.
5025 rule engine Bug Modify alert_duration value.
5024 rule engine Feature Implement wildcards in key section of the property search expression.
5022 entity_views Bug Export to XML incomplete.
5021 sql Bug LAST(datetime) displays Unix time instead of datetime format.
5017 rule engine Bug Display window details even if window is in CANCEL status.
5015 rule engine Bug Quote escaping with backslash.
5014 rule engine Bug HipChat webhook: inline links in portal description message.
5013 rule engine Bug System command execution error not registered in Rule Errors.
5012 entity_views Bug Entity Tag link not applied to Entity Tag column.
5011 rule editor Bug Table cells on the Test tab are missing.
5009 entity_views Bug Allow empty values if default value is blank in dictionary columns.
5008 data-in Support collectd: installation and configuration.
5005 entity_views Bug Add validation and display error message at runtime for Entity Expression field.
5004 rule engine Bug Default values for outgoing webhook parameters are ignored.
5002 rule engine Bug Disable webhooks for related messages in Telegram.
5000 sql Feature Display rule names on SQL statistics page for queries generated by rules.
4994 rule engine Bug Markdown must be escaped in Telegram configurations.
4992 UI Bug UI: part of the main menu is not visible.
4991 installation Support scollector validation.
4988 rule engine Feature Implement addPortal function for collection of entities.
4985 rule engine Bug Variables containing lower-cased SQL alias expressions are filtered out after saving.
4981 sql Feature Implement HTML format in scheduled SQL reports.
4976 data-in Support tcollector installation update.
4973 rule editor Bug Append [Disabled] suffix to webhook name if it is disabled.
4972 export Bug Export Query: Add support for date placeholders in Email Subject field.
4971 entity_views Bug Apply metrics column formatting if Last Insert Date for the specified metric is not available.
4970 UI Bug Search page expression causes browser to freeze.
4969 entity_views Bug Changes cause new entity views to be created on database restart.
4966 rule engine Bug Make property search case-insensitive.
4965 rule engine Bug Implement toBoolean function.
4963 entity_views Feature Add support for text functions implemented in the rule engine.
4961 entity_views Feature Metrics column formatting.
4959 UI Feature Tag Templates: implement Display Index and ordering.
4956 rule engine Bug The rule error is displayed after rule is deleted.
4955 rule engine Bug addTable function to serialize any object as table.
4954 rule engine Bug Disallow non-boolean conditions.
4947 sql Bug Incorrect LIMIT applied.
4942 rule engine Bug Fix markdown escaping in Telegram.
4941 entity_views Feature Add link to multi-entity portal to sub-groups.
4936 rule engine Bug Implement getEntities and getEntityCount functions.
4930 documentation Bug Window duration definition.
4907 statistics Feature Create a new rule from the Series statistics page.
4906 rule editor Feature Move detailed error from title into a dialog.
4904 rule editor Feature Inherit webhook settings from On Open trigger.
4902 rule engine Feature Refactor text functions to accept primary input as object instead of string.
4890 rule engine Feature Implement security functions.
4884 rule engine Bug Some functions cannot be used on Overview tab.
4882 rule engine Feature Referencing dependent variables in condition.
4878 rule engine Feature Add optional parameters to rule_open and rule_window functions for precise matching.
4862 administrator Bug Logging: change level from ERROR to WARN for user-invoked errors.
4842 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: series Test is not working.
4837 rule engine Bug Webhooks: Telegram does not resolve local URLs.
4836 api-rest Bug Data API: multiple interpolate queries for the same series.
4835 api-rest Bug Data API: limit on series interpolate query.
4828 rule engine Feature Attach portal to webhook message.
4818 rule engine Feature Implement scriptOut function to return output of a bash or python script.
4800 rule engine Feature Webhooks: editable Details Table format.
4657 client Feature Refactor Python examples.
4984 entity_views Feature Split table by column values.


Issue Category Type Subject
5052 docker Bug sampling frequency irregularity.
5043 core Bug Collector CPU is abnormally high.
5035 jmx Feature Add "show password" button in configuration.
5027 jmx Feature Ignore beans based on client-side expression (negation).
5026 jmx Feature Execute the same configuration against multiple remote servers.
5016 jmx Feature Change behavior of Series Tags field.
4998 docker Bug Invalid CPU percentage value.
4997 administrator Support Set XmX in collector containers launched with Docker job to 256 megabytes.
4986 kafka Bug Kafka consumer: delete not working.
4978 jmx Bug Malformed commands.