Monthly Change Log: January 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
4940 rule engine Feature Add administrative setting to control On Cancel behavior.
4931 rule engine Bug Zero time filter is not saved on rule XML export.
4929 rule engine Bug Outgoing webhooks: Telegram discards long messages.
4926 sql Bug SQL: Non-boolean datatype for conditions.
4923 rule engine Bug Telegram 4xx error does not contain information about the message.
4921 security Bug Built-in user cannot log in to take portal screenshot.
4920 security Bug Disabled user is able to execute SQL queries.
4914 rule engine Bug Add details to error messages in HipChat.
4913 client Feature Upgrade R client to remove dependency on user home directory.
4911 rule engine Bug Pass query into an SQL client containing > character.
4910 rule engine Bug Implement executeSqlQuery function to retrieve SQL query results in rule conditions and webhooks.
4908 rule engine Feature Create rule from the message Search page.
4901 rule engine Feature Implement utility functions to parse URL fields.
4900 rule engine Feature Implement getEntityName lookup function.
4899 rule engine Feature Implement trim text function to remove leading and trailing non-printable characters.
4897 rule engine Feature Implement getPropertyLink function for entity.
4896 rule engine Feature Implement getPropertyTypes function to return a list of property types for the entity.
4893 UI Feature Statistics page: display tag names based on associated metric and entity tag templates.
4892 rule engine Feature Extend excludeKeys function: add support for patterns.
4889 rule engine Bug Round numbers in outgoing webhooks.
4888 rule engine Bug Email subject must not include inline links.
4883 rule engine Bug Window remains in OPEN status after all commands are removed.
4879 rule engine Feature Add support for control flow in webhooks.
4877 rule engine Bug entity_tags expression fails if used without key.
4875 rule engine Feature Add date filter to rule list.
4874 rule engine Feature Add variables table to email notification.
4873 rule engine Feature Implement entity lookup function.
4872 rule engine Feature Implement property_map function.
4871 rule engine Feature Implement addTable function.
4870 rule engine Feature Implement entity link placeholders.
4869 rule engine Bug Print empty string instead of null if placeholder evaluates to null.
4868 message Bug Webhook: change parameter and field precedence.
4867 api-rest Bug Data API: First period is out of selection interval with END_TIME aggregation.
4866 sql Bug Incorrect GROUP BY MONTH with non-CALENDAR alignment.
4865 rule engine Bug The milliseconds function fails if input is null.
4864 rule engine Bug Change behavior of text functions.
4863 rule engine Feature Default value argument for lookup function.
4861 api-rest Feature Webhook: set command time from milliseconds and seconds.
4858 rule engine Feature Implement unquote function.
4857 rule engine Bug Delete open alerts when entity is deleted.
4856 rule engine Bug Random function values are cached by subsequent invocations.
4854 rule engine Feature Implement additional math functions.
4852 rule engine Bug Rule window detail page shows incorrect results for windows with Property data type.
4851 rule engine Feature Implement Freemarker-style text functions.
4849 rule engine Bug Error in time format functions.
4848 UI Bug Export page: Freemarker error for forecast export.
4846 rule engine Feature Webhooks: add status column.
4845 forecast Bug Forecast settings: restored disappeared tooltips.
4833 rule engine Feature Implement webhook for Microsoft Azure.
4832 rule engine Feature Implement webhook for Google Cloud Platform.
4826 rule engine Bug API request hangs while rule is being processed.
4823 rule editor Feature Rule Editor refactoring.
4822 sql Bug Incorrect selection interval inference from filter conditions.
4821 sql Feature Overlapping error for non-overlapping intervals.
4820 api-rest Bug Series query with grouping: incorrect result of min_value_time aggregation.
4786 entity Feature Tag Template: add a option to auto-generate a template from tags of the given entity.
4777 api-rest Bug Series query: empty response instead of expected series (tag filters error).
4768 api-rest Bug Series query: remove empty series from response if limit is specified.
4746 api-rest Feature Add order field to "rate" function.
4729 api-rest Bug Series query: aggregate and group order and period.
4727 jdbc Bug JDBC driver: FileNotFoundException on log4j.
4700 sql Bug Incorrect GROUP BY PERIOD with END_TIME and DST change inside period.
4660 statistics Feature DAO: calculate only requested statistics.
3573 security Feature SSL: upgrade cypher protocols.
2870 api-rest Bug REST API: authentication errors: check 403 status and JSON format in responses.
2709 rule engine Feature Messages: one-click to create rule from message.
2086 rule editor Bug Rule Test not working for messages.


Issue Category Type Subject
4928 kafka Bug Exception in kafka job with message format=API command.
4924 core Bug Disk usage is abnormal.
4895 core Bug Delete temporary files.