Monthly Change Log: July 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5528 administration Bug Entity Groups: Unable to delete existing groups.
5518 freemarker Bug Logging: Freemarker warning displayed on ATSD start.
5516 api-rest Bug REST API: CSV upload with compression and no file name raises 500 server error.
5515 forecast Bug Forecast view and delete error.
5514 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: add Author filter to Rule page.
5511 entity_views Bug Entity Groups: incorrect validation of values as numbers.
5509 forecast Bug Export Settings for forecast configurations produces invalid XML.
5505 UI Bug SQL Console applies incorrect date format to negative and future years.
5504 api-rest Bug Data API: series query aggregate transformation fails with NullPointerException.
5501 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: Controls disappear when creating multiple webhooks.
5500 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: Change Date filter is remembered and cannot be modified.
5498 client Bug Python Client: fix client due to 200 OK to 204 No Response status code changes in the Data API.
5489 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Implement elapsed_minutes function for ISO format datetime literal.
5487 rule engine Bug Alert History must include grouping tags to avoid collisions.
5485 api-rest Bug Return 204 No Response instead of 200 OK in REST API endpoints if POST response contains empty payload.
5481 export Bug Export: Versioned values are not displayed.
5479 rule editor Feature Rule Engine: Implement custom custom script timeout at the rule level.
5477 administration Bug Docker installation logs contain warnings related to missing file permissions.
5475 security Bug NullPointerException raised on password change.
5473 api-rest Bug Messages: query: incorrect wildcard evaluation.
5471 api-rest Feature Data API: Series: query - Implement aggregation without period.
5470 core Feature Rule Engine: implement Workday Calendars.
5469 rule editor Feature UI: Show logging action status on Rules page
5468 core Bug Switch to strict mode when parsing dates.
5467 administration Feature Implement the ability to download HBase/HDFS Log Files on single-node installations.
5465 client Feature Python Client: Change Message model to simplify conversion to DataFrame
5464 jdbc Bug JDBC Driver: Remove metric.timePrecision field from default columns.
5460 UI Bug UI: Client-side datetime formatting fails when data are loaded with Default pattern.
5459 api-rest Feature Meta API: Implement metric rename endpoint.
5458 api-rest Bug Data API: Series: query error when requesting a small date interval close to current time.
5457 sql Bug SQL: datetime column returns milliseconds (long) in CASE expression.
5453 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Remove logging of status changes as messages.
5452 api-rest Feature Data API: Series: query - Implement downsampling transformation.
5450 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: User-defined variables do not maintain their position upon rule save.
5449 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: Freemarker error on rule save if webhook configuration is deleted.
5447 UI Feature SQL: Add Query Log to SQL menu.
5446 sql Feature SQL: Store scheduled Query Name and ID.
5445 api-rest Feature Message: query: Implement Expression field.
5444 data-in Bug scollector metadata update discarded.
5442 jdbc Bug JDBC Driver: Handle floating point numbers, including when integral datatype is returned by ATSD.
5440 client Feature Python API Client: Add CommandsService to available services.
5438 core Bug Delete Time Precision from Metric model.
5436 core Bug Delete task is slow when deleting properties.
5434 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: type and source filters remain upon message/property rule type conversion to metric.
5433 api-rest Bug REST API: command method raises ConcurrentModificationException upon saveEntity.
5427 core Bug Relocate ATSD temporary directories to /tmp.
5425 client Bug Python API Client: tzlocal fails to import via offline installation.
5424 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Show Response Action columns on Rules page.
5417 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Restrict command action to ./conf/script directory.
5406 rule editor Feature Rule Engine: Refactor filter fields.
5405 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: System Command - Pass window fields into bash script as named variables.
5404 rule editor Feature Rule Editor: Display helper pane with placeholders.
5403 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: Replace Entity Filter widget with autocomplete-capable input field.
5401 UI Feature UI: Rename Webhook Requests to Incoming Webhooks and move page to Alerts menu.
5375 log_aggregator Bug Aggregation Logger: Incorrect timeout handling.
5368 log_aggregator Bug Aggregation Logger: Security issues with HTTPS.
5363 log_aggregator Bug Aggregation Logger: ConcurrentModificationException related to Shutdown Hook
5342 versioning Bug Data API: NaN in versions causes issues.
5339 export Bug Export Page: Series tags are not displayed.
5329 api-rest Bug Meta API: Metric field usage in expression.
5326 api-rest Bug Series: query: Incorrect startDate in response.
5314 api-rest Bug Data API: Series: query - multiple errors.
5288 api-rest Feature Data API: Series: query - $version_source and $version_status versioning filters.
5287 api-rest Feature Data API: Series: query - Handling for direction and limit filters.
5211 versioning Bug Data API: Export versioned last insert value when Display Versions is selected.
5172 api-rest Bug Data API: delta and counter aggregation functions return inconsistent results for most recent period.
5145 export Bug Export: Incorrect filter for versioned metrics.
5088 api-rest Bug Data API: Series: query - Incorrect limit applied for versioned query with version filter.
5085 sql Feature SQL: ENDTIME function - Add support for literal dates.
4661 statistics Feature Aggregation functions support BigDecimal numbers.
4397 sql Feature SQL: Allow JOIN ON if condition and implicit condition are identical.
3666 UI Bug UI: Unable to search multi-line queries on Query Statistics page.
3546 api-rest Feature Meta API: Implement method to retrieve user roles and groups.
1255 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Implement functions to raise alert if forecast predicts that series is expected to exceed a set threshold


Issue Category Type Subject
5513 snmp Bug SNMP: MIB page is not available for custom port.
5512 UI Feature SNMP: Increase readability of SNMP Query Statistics page.
5507 jmx Bug JMX: Viewer mode displays split HTML code instead of actual response.
5506 core Bug Core : Update Java Client to latest release.
5455 http Feature HTTP Job: Add additional columns to the configuration list.
5432 http Bug UI: Missing message style for HTTP Job.
5430 http Bug New HTTP Pool breaks Job page drop-down list.
5429 UI Bug Storage Driver: Hide internal properties from UI.
5428 core Bug HTTP Pool and Storage Driver tests break a working connection.
5422 snmp Bug Clone SNMP Job causes NullPointerException.
5414 http Bug Handling for Job with empty configuration.
5355 core Feature Initial Configuration Page.
5134 UI Bug Collector: Auto-login upon account creation.