Monthly Change Log: June 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5423 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Deserialization errors for rule XML backup files with type and source filters.
5421 administration Feature Backup: Implement customizable backup directory.
5420 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Increase throughput with multiple rules enabled.
5419 UI Feature UI: Apply DST offset to Time Zone drop-down lists.
5413 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Implement toNumber function for null-safe number parsing.
5412 api-rest Feature Series Get method: Implement period alignment parameter.
5411 message Bug Message Table TTL specified in is ignored.
5407 UI Bug UI: Type field auto-complete is broken on Data Entry page.
5405 rule engine Feature Script: Pass window fields into scripts as named variables.
5403 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: Entity Filter dual list replaced with auto-complete text input field.
5402 UI Feature UI: Rename Web Notifications as Outgoing Webhooks.
5401 UI Feature UI: Move Webhook Requests to Alerts menu.
5399 test Bug API Tests: Message tests fail if messages.timeToLive is too low.
5397 administration Bug IllegalArgumentException raised for backup upload.
5396 security Bug Security: JSON response duplicated in case of authentication failure.
5394 client Bug ATSD Java client: Do not catch Throwable errors.
5393 api-rest Feature API: Add addInsertTime parameter for entities API requests.
5387 search Bug Search: Full re-index fails on disk space shortage.
5384 administrator Feature Monitoring: Added the Database Statistics page with main database metrics.
5381 log_aggregator Feature Aggregation Log Filter: Add support for multiple collectors.
5380 sql Bug SQL: date_format function returns incorrect time zone format.
5379 search Bug Search: Shutdown during full search index rebuild.
5370 UI Feature UI: Add links to Metric Settings page.
5366 administration Feature Scheduler: Modify frequent tasks to sleep a fixed interval between iterations.
5365 administration Feature UI: Implement Export Configuration option to export server settings, properties, and metrics to JSON file.
5364 administration Feature Logging: Increase log detail for full search re-index and group update tasks.
5363 log_aggregator Bug Aggregation Logger: ConcurrentModificationException raised by shutdown hook.
5362 csv Bug CSV Parsers: Messages for broken files are not user-friendly.
5359 statistics Bug Series Statistics: Entity label not shown.
5357 api-rest Bug Logger generates excessive Invalid Command warnings without explanation.
5353 client Support Python API Client: Add script example with delete series parameters.
5350 installation Bug Installation: Installation process fails to install Debian 9 on an offline system.
5349 jdbc Feature JDBC Driver: Speed up datetime column parsing.
5348 sql Feature SQL: Pre-process entity check in atsd_series query to work around metric limit.
5346 UI Feature Property: Add Properties page to view or delete properties for a given entity.
5331 jdbc Feature JDBC Driver: Set correct User-Agent header to determine whether JDBC driver or HTTP client used /api/sql endpoint.
5322 sql Bug SQL: Extra quotes to date_format function generate error.
5295 portal Bug Portal Editor: Freemarker comments are not ignored.
5292 core Bug Metrics for Entity: Slow response for large number of entities.
5272 core Feature Core: Migrate date formatters and parsers from joda.time to java.time.
5196 api-rest Feature Meta API: Implement Replacement Table methods.
5152 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: Labels for Webhook parameters not set if validation error occurs.
5094 entity_views Bug Entity Views: Unknown format function causes 400 error.
5058 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Log security function results in ATSD as messages.
3666 UI Bug UI: Unable to search multiline queries on Query Statistics page.


Issue Category Type Subject
5248 xml Feature Support placeholders in environment variables during import.
5095 file Bug File: NullPointException raised during test.