Monthly Change Log: March 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5170 forecast Bug NPE in forecast settings.
5169 export Bug Scheduled Query: Temporary files not deleted if Store enabled and no other output specified.
5165 entity_views Bug Grouping column error if view is empty.
5164 log_aggregator Bug Replace sun.misc.BASE64Encoder.
5161 export Bug Refer to portal by name instead of ID for entity groups.
5159 sql Feature Add name, author and description placeholders in scheduled SQL queries.
5155 export Bug Scheduled Query: NPE on commands store.
5153 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Generic type is not resolved for TagsMap.
5151 core Feature Add User-Agent header in outgoing HTTP requests.
5150 sql Feature Implement short ISO format for datetime literal.
5146 security Bug Rename built-in collector groups.
5144 rule engine Bug entity_label function.
5142 rule editor Bug Check placeholder syntax for validity on save.
5139 sql Bug SQL: Column name sensitivity in subqueries.
5132 security Bug Disable collector account creation without administrator rights.
5130 entity_views Bug Import does not display warnings if group is not found.
5128 security Feature Add page for password obfuscation.
5127 security Bug NPE in account exist checks.
5125 UI Feature Webhook Request Page: view payload, parameters and headers.
5124 rule editor Bug Fix slow rendering if the rule has outgoing webhooks.
5122 security Feature Add wizards for creating collector and webhook users.
5120 api-rest Feature Webhook API: auto-subscribe to AWS notifications.
5117 rule engine Bug db_message functions: do not throw an exception if type or source not found.
5116 rule engine Bug db_message_count function returns different results.
5115 rule engine Feature rule_window fields.
5113 security Bug New user group is allowed to view all portals by default.
5107 sql Feature Join using subqueries: support for ON condition.
5105 entity_views Bug Do not display column value if related entity tag value is not set.
5104 sql Feature Scheduled report error on missing raw data.
5103 monitoring Bug Simon console does not work.
5098 sql Bug Fix NPE in outer join with additional tag in one of the subqueries.
5096 sql Bug Fix NPE in outer join.
5093 rule engine Bug Resolve generic type parameter of returned collections by property functions.
5090 rule engine Bug Access to collection objects.
5081 UI Bug Selected entity group is not remembered.
5078 installation Bug Installation: apply nohup to default startup scripts.
5070 sql Feature Inline queries: remove time/datetime column requirement.
5067 rule engine Bug getEntityLink function raises NPE on empty entity.
5066 rule engine Bug AWS API: Fix test mode for configuration.
5065 rule engine Feature Webhooks: Add type, toggle fields.
5063 export Bug Tag filter with wildcard allows any tag values.
5055 csv Bug Incorrect version fields are stored from uploaded .csv file.
5051 export Bug Scheduled Query: Output Path collision.
5049 api-rest Bug Data API: slow search by property in entityExpression.
5036 administrator Feature Backup multiple record types from .zip/.tar.gz archive.
5018 rule engine Bug Webhooks: raw URL presence breaks markdown format in Telegram.
5012 entity_views Bug Entity Tag link not applied to Entity Tag column.
5001 rule engine Feature Telegram: getUpdates message retriever as an alternative to webhook.
4957 sql Bug Period query now takes long time to execute.
4925 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: rule_window function.
4909 security Support Install DV SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt CA.
4667 export Bug Incorrect export of versioned values.
2158 rule engine Feature Load historical data on window start.


Issue Category Type Subject
5141 jdbc Support Timestamp format error in JDBC job.
5140 UI Bug Empty page on opening simon console.
5114 core Bug Collector CPU is abnormally high.
5099 aws Bug Entity create error.
5089 UI Bug Add Execution Time column to job list.
5084 aws Bug Job without pool is hanging.
5079 json Bug Not all commands arrive in ATSD.
5074 aws Bug Cloud front metrics not collected.
5071 aws Bug 403 error caused by pagination.
5069 jmx Bug Non-existing attributes in log.
5062 aws Bug AWS region issues.
5056 docker Feature Extract Apache Mesos container labels.