Monthly Change Log: May 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5340 statistics Bug Server error raised when accessing statistics page for series with NaN values.
5338 export Bug Series tags validation error on export page.
5337 client Feature Sample filter added for Python Client.
5334 api-rest Bug Properties delete query returns zero counter even after deleting some records.
5333 client Bug Python Client tests failing due to time precision.
5327 UI Bug Tags are missing on series list page if entity is specified.
5325 api-rest Bug LIMIT 1 processing error in series query method.
5324 rule engine Bug Change randomItem function to return same object type as argument.
5321 core Feature Implement Settings > Schema > Series Consistency Check page.
5319 rule engine Bug Fix infinite loop when monitoring rule errors in rule engine.
5318 nmon Bug nmon property record is stale and not updated.
5315 message Bug Fix incorrect wildcard match on the message search page.
5313 client Bug Python Client: Message model standardized.
5310 message Feature Modify filter processing for tag wildcards and empty tag values on message search page.
5309 api-rest Bug NullPointerException raised on message insert when a tag is set to null.
5308 installation Feature Install Python 3 on ATSD Sandbox by default.
5307 csv Bug NullPointerException raised on CSV parser form in test mode.
5306 api-rest Feature Add revision field to version endpoint output.
5301 rule engine Feature Implement db_messages function.
5286 rule engine Bug Custom test message with markdown cannot be sent when testing Telegram webhook.
5282 sql Bug Scheduled SQL placeholder fails to correctly resolve placeholders.
5281 rule engine Bug jsonToLists function fails to serialize JSON to columns.
5278 rule engine Feature Remove common prefix in jsonToLists function.
5266 rule engine Bug Webhooks are not initialized in imported rules.
5241 rule engine Feature Implement rule error monitoring.
5234 api-rest Bug Change error processing in series query in cases when an exception is raised in the middle of response streaming.
5220 security Feature Enforce SSL certificate upload restrictions.
5194 forecast Bug Fix issues with forecast settings form.
5189 log_aggregator Bug Discard duplicate fields in Log Aggregator.
5150 sql Feature Implement short ISO format for datetime literal.
4150 api-rest Feature Implement series delete endpoint.
4668 collectd Feature Refactor collectd plugin.


Issue Category Type Subject
5299 core Bug Job configuration cloning fails.
5289 json Feature Add Minimum Time filter.
5261 http-pool Bug Remove default port from Host header in outgoing http requests.
5259 json Bug Do not report failure when all responses are not modified.
5255 core Feature Add agent header to outgoing http requests.
5243 collection Feature Add import/export options for Item Lists.
5233 jdbc Bug Last entities are cloned when JDBC configuration is cloned.