Monthly Change Log: November 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5800 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: Test tab does not display error.
5799 license Bug License: Record incoming commands in command_discarded.log if license expired.
5798 license Bug License: NullPointerException in license check.
5797 sql Bug SQL: Column alias partially unsupported in the WHERE clause.
5796 api rest Feature Series Query: Implement support for IN/NOT IN in tagExpression.
5792 sql Feature SQL: Implement RANK and DENSE_RANK analytic functions.
5789 sql Feature SQL: Implement offset and default for LAG and LEAD functions.
5786 administrator Bug Core: Version Check not performed.
5781 portal Bug Portals: Icon setting does not work for View By Name.
5774 UI Bug UI: Erroneous number formatting in the Data Entry command field.
5770 sql Feature SQL: Implement PI() function.
5769 jdbc Bug JDBC: Conflicting headers set on request.
5768 sql Bug SQL: return error message if query is missing or duplicate.
5767 jdbc Bug JDBC: Provide details in exception message for error response code 401.
5766 security Bug Security: findUserByUsername throws exception.
5765 security Bug Security Incidents: Add User-Agent logging.
5764 sql Feature SQL: Implement trigonometric functions.
5748 sql Bug SQL: Incorrect data type inferred by ISNULL and COALESCE functions for datetime and time columns.
5736 sql Bug SQL: Precision loss in big integer arithmetics.
5730 core Feature Implement ATSD co-processor to retrieve co-processor version.
5690 UI Feature UI: Multiple enhancements.
5648 log_aggregator Bug Aggregation Logger: No need to create HTTP/HTTPS connection.
5352 security Bug Security: User cannot log in through HTTP if logged in through HTTPS.
5086 sql Feature SQL: ENDTIME calculations to align with CALENDAR.
4294 sql Bug SQL: OUTER JOIN includes rows for excluded entities.
4180 sql Bug SQL: filter by tag not applied in OUTER JOIN.
4033 sql Feature SQL: BETWEEN subquery with multiple intervals for the same series key.