Monthly Change Log: October 2018


Issue Category Type Subject
5752 core Bug Messages: Messages with null tag value passed to rule engine.
5749 sql Bug SQL: METRICS function only reads first argument.
5746 UI Bug SQL Console: Column types inferred incorrectly for functions which retain argument type.
5745 sql Bug SQL: LEAD and LAG functions return incorrect column data type for datetime column.
5737 sql Bug SQL: Return correct data types for metadata tables: atsd_metric and atsd_entity.
5735 jdbc Feature JDBC Driver: Unsupported java_long data type in Spotfire.
5733 jdbc Feature JDBC Driver: Update default columns for metadata tables: atsd_metric and atsd_entity.
5732 core Bug ATSD cluster start failure.
5731 core Bug License check ignores node count.
5729 sql Feature SQL: Add support for creationTime column.
5728 jdbc Feature JDBC: Add support for atsd_entity and atsd_metric metadata tables in JDBC driver.
5727 sql Bug SQL: Incorrect arithmetic operator precedence.
5726 sql Feature SQL: implement metadata tables: atsd_metric and atsd_entity.
5725 installation Bug Docker Installation: LicenseServiceImpl error.
5723 sql Bug SQL: NullPointerException on Compare.
5721 client Feature Python client: Add export_portals_for_docker_hosts method.
5720 api-rest Feature Data API: Implement method to export portal as PNG image.
5719 core Bug Metric List: Slow response time.
5717 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Rule threshold notifications are not properly exported.
5716 rule editor Bug Rule Engine: Long URL after rule clone.
5713 csv Bug CSV Parser: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException shown instead of human-readable error during use of schema-based parser.
5712 statistics Bug NullPointerException upon series statistics access.
5709 rule engine Feature Rule Engine: Implement Test for Message and Property rules.
5688 core Bug Web: Static resource URL with jsessionid returns 404 error.
5685 license Feature License refactoring.
5660 rule editor Bug Rule Editor: 500 error upon webhook deletion.
5630 statistics Bug Statistics: Replace ResizableDecimalArray with a default solution.
5600 sql Bug SQL: REPLACE function does not allow line break replacement.
5589 rule engine Bug Rule Engine: Review notification thresholds.
5564 rule editor Feature Email and Webhook action validation.
5107 sql Feature SQL: JOIN using subqueries - support for ON condition.
4655 UI Bug UI: Typeahead does not encode HTML entities when rendering items in list.


Issue Category Type Subject
5566 core Bug Duplicate requests triggered by Charts when period switches in auto mode.


Issue Category Type Subject
5743 core Feature Storage Driver: Enforce ATSD compatibility.
5741 json Bug JSON Job: Delete on Upload option fails.
5739 json Bug JSON Job: NullPointerException for file processing in Run mode.
5738 json Bug JSON Job: File is deleted during test without selecting Delete Files on Upload.
5718 pi Bug PI Job: JSP test error.
5129 http Feature HTTP Job: Collect SSL certificate expiration days and SSL certificate status.